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[0 seconds ago] Galandar auctions, 'WTB Netted Kelp Sleeves, Steel Wristband of Strategy, Nec Spell: Bond of Death'
[0 seconds ago] Galandar auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Amice'
[0 seconds ago] Wendaen auctions, 'WTS Serrated Bone Dirk 50pp, A Shimmering Orb 50pp'
[0 seconds ago] Turkle auctions, 'WTS Adamantite Epaulets, Sarnak Battle Shield, Deepwater Helm, Spider Fur Collar, Mask of Wurms!'
[0 seconds ago] Eldwin auctions, 'WTS Idol of the Thorned 1.2k'
[0 seconds ago] Weniavin auctions, 'WTB Molkor Hide... PST'
[0 seconds ago] Thiswaytomule auctions, 'WTB Frozen Shard / Serpent's Tooth / Small Dragonbone Shard'
[0 seconds ago] Payless auctions, 'WTB Crushed Topaz x3/ Crushed Black marble x3/ Flawed Emerald x1'
[0 seconds ago] Weniavin auctions, 'WTS Yew Leaf, Blue Diamond, Shield of Prexus'
[0 seconds ago] Warriv auctions, 'WTS Oak Bark 200p per stack / High Quality Brute Hide 500p per stack'
[0 seconds ago] Pyropyre auctions, 'WTS Velium Studded Cloak, Spider Fur Collar, Spell: Heroic Bond'
[0 seconds ago] Turkle auctions, 'WTB Sarnak Bracer of Honor, Worn Cloth Mandtle, Breath of Harmony, Oppoline Earings!'
[0 seconds ago] Letheni auctions, 'WTB Coldain skin gloves // Runed Mithril Bracer x2 // Luminescent Staff PST'
[0 seconds ago] Kezzza auctions, 'WTB sebilite scale legs or Enchanted Dwarven Plate Greaves'
[0 seconds ago] Wendaen auctions, 'WTS Thick Banded Belt 2k, Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye 400pp'
[0 seconds ago] Hurbie auctions, 'WTS Runebranded Girdle 20k'
[0 seconds ago] Strifez auctions, 'WTB: Exquisite Velium Battlehammer / Guardians Mace '
[0 seconds ago] Hurbie auctions, 'WTB >> Girdle of Flayed Iksar << WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Emberwyld auctions, 'wts Astral Leggings of the Titans 1k'
[0 seconds ago] Pusha auctions, 'WTS Ice Silk Robe//Cat Eye Platinum Necklace//Gatorscale Sleeves//Rod of Insidious Glamour//Book of Tactics//Braided Cinch Cord//Batskull Earring'
[0 seconds ago] Turph auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips, Spell: Convergence PST'
[0 seconds ago] Masuse auctions, 'WTS Black Pantherskin Leggings 800pp, Black Pantherskin Boots 800pp, Dusty Bloodstained Gloves 50pp, Savant's Cap 25pp Pst'
[0 seconds ago] Octopath auctions, 'WTS Fungus Covered Scale Tunic - looking for COF'
[0 seconds ago] Warriv auctions, 'WTS Stalking Probe 50p ea / Mechanized Lockpicks 100p / Rebreather 1.5k / Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap 1k / 10 Dose Potion of Stinging Wort 1.8k'
[0 seconds ago] Donruss auctions, 'WTB Black pantherskin sleeves and fingerbone hoop'
[0 seconds ago] Darawin auctions, 'wts Reaper of the Dead'
[0 seconds ago] Rythim auctions, 'WTS 6 pc Mystic Koada`Dal Mithril Cuirass visable set (no helm)'
[0 seconds ago] Armazi auctions, 'WTS Inlaid Jade Hoop 1.6k'
[0 seconds ago] Manhas auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p l 10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness 200p PST'
[0 seconds ago] Vibratto auctions, 'WTB Mystic Koada'Dal Mithril Greaves PST'
[0 seconds ago] Cazp auctions, 'WTS Peerless Dragonleg Breeches 4500p, Spined Seahorse Hide Breastplate 1000p'
[0 seconds ago] Anthonykiedis auctions, 'WTB Mrylokar's Breastplate - paying well!'
[0 seconds ago] Turph auctions, 'WTS Amber PST'
[0 seconds ago] Octopath auctions, 'WTS Fungus Covered Scale Tunic, Haze Panther Tunic, Silver Chitin Wristband, Eyepatch of the Shadows, Thick Banded Belt, Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons'
[0 seconds ago] Skykush auctions, 'BUYING Essence Emeralds - PST!'
[0 seconds ago] Cerriphae auctions, 'WTB black pantherskin sleeves'
[0 seconds ago] Cerriphae auctions, 'WTB fingerbone hoop'
[0 seconds ago] Cerriphae auctions, 'WTS Peerless Dragonspine Vambraces and Lodizal Shell Shield'
[0 seconds ago] Wandaar auctions, 'WTB Spell: Conjuration Earth |Fire | Water'
[0 seconds ago] Sizable auctions, 'WTB Crafted Velium Warsword'
[0 seconds ago] Turph auctions, 'WTS Spell: Convergence PST'
[0 seconds ago] Voozie auctions, 'WTB Coldain Skin Gloves, Gatorscale Leggings PST'
[0 seconds ago] Hodohr auctions, 'wts Dwarven Work Boots 50/Earring of Woven Bark 200'
[0 seconds ago] Healurrur auctions, 'WTB Sebilite scale leggings and Crystal chitin shield WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Fixxer auctions, 'WTS Elemental Binder 50pp OBO'
[0 seconds ago] Satou auctions, 'WTS Leather Paddingx44 450p/Dreadscale Helm125p/ Burynaibane Spider Fang 19p'
[0 seconds ago] Satou auctions, 'WTS Bearskin Potion Bag45p/Dakoit Coin Purse100p/Nephritex4 100p ea/Flawed Topazx4 100p ea/Crushed Jaundice Gem 100p/Jaundice Gem 100p/Chipped Black Marble 100p'
[0 seconds ago] Rihannon auctions, 'WTB Velketor's Spellbook'
[0 seconds ago] Percocet auctions, 'WTB Black Pantherskin arms, legs, boots, bracer'
[0 seconds ago] Healurrur auctions, 'WTB Jaded velium ring Golden Black Sapphire Earring and Sebilite scale leggings Crystal chitin shield'
[0 seconds ago] Payless auctions, 'WTB Crushed Topaz x3/ Crushed Black marble x3/ Flawed Emerald x3'
[0 seconds ago] Azide auctions, 'WTB Complete Imbued Tier'dal Plate set'
[0 seconds ago] Healurrur auctions, 'WTS Othmir Fur Capx2 75pp Arctic Wyvern Mask 50pp Ring of the Stonechanters 30pp'
[0 seconds ago] Vazz auctions, 'WTB Zaharn's Coronet'
[0 seconds ago] Galandar auctions, 'WTS 2x Black Sapphire Electrum Earring, 2x Velium Fire Wedding Ring, Black Sapphire Velium Necklace, Vindication'
[0 seconds ago] Watchee auctions, 'wts Runed Blade 1500 / Guard Captain`s Mallet 1500 / Earring of Woven Bark 150 / Coldain Skin Boots 2000 / Inlaid Jade Hoop 1500 / Nathsar Vambraces 150'
[0 seconds ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTS Zlandicar's Talisman // Massive Dragonclaw Shard // Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt // Ring of Stealthy Travel // Ornate Velium Pendant // Reaver // Shadow Rager'
[0 seconds ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTS Spell: Torpor // Fungus Covered Scale Tunic // Eye of Narandi // Cobalt Breastplate // Deepwater Greaves // Tolan's Darkwood Greaves // Silver Chitin Wristband'
[0 seconds ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTB Handmade Backpacks'
[0 seconds ago] Waterlily auctions, 'Yew Leaf / Drake Egg / Arctic Wyvern Hide 39p each. Spell: Evacuate 99p, Flawed Topaz 150p'
[0 seconds ago] Rhes auctions, 'WTB Iksar Ceremonial Chestplate offering 8k'
[0 seconds ago] Fiddich auctions, 'WTS....Sarnak Bracer of Honor....Chokidai Hide Spaulders....Tribal War Mask....Spell: Talisman of the Brute..WTS'
[0 seconds ago] Rhes auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Sash / Loam Encrusted Veil / Azure Sleeves / Helm of Rile / Tar goo strands'
[0 seconds ago] Prismos auctions, 'WTS > Narandi's Lance / Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe / Green Goblin Skinx40 / Essence Emerald / Runed Sea Shell / Runed Sea Shell / PST'
[0 seconds ago] Fiddich auctions, 'WTB....Spell: Mask of the Hunter'
[0 seconds ago] Niceshot auctions, 'wts Master Wu's Trance Stick/Spider Fang Choker/Hooded Black Cloak/Worked Dragonwing Mantle/Crystal Covered Shroud/Chipped Velium Amulet/pst'
[0 seconds ago] Fiddich auctions, 'WTB....Spell: Mark of the Hunter'
[0 seconds ago] Rhes auctions, 'WTS Crookstinger / Spine Chill Spear / Prayer Cloth of Tunare'
[0 seconds ago] Sloptart auctions, 'WTB Skull-shaped Barbute, Cloak of the Maelstrom'
[0 seconds ago] Oqre auctions, 'WTB Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring'
[0 seconds ago] Yvett auctions, 'wts Essence Emerald 225p'
[0 seconds ago] Dynir auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots'
[0 seconds ago] Nomad auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Wristband (2) 4.5k each'
[0 seconds ago] Dygnomo auctions, 'WTS Shadow Wolf Pelt, High Quality Cat Pelt, Deathfist Slashed Belt x6, A Shimmering White Shroud, A Broom'
[0 seconds ago] Nomad auctions, 'WTB Amulet of Necropotence (AoN)'
[0 seconds ago] Watchee auctions, 'WTS large Sky Sapphire from PoSky'
[0 seconds ago] Niceshot auctions, 'wts Coldain Skin Boots/Crystal Chitin Chestguard/Haze Panther Tunic/Sebilite Croaking Dirk/Crystal Chitin Armplates/Gravebinder/Velium Claidhmore/pst'
[0 seconds ago] Canehdian auctions, 'wts Spell: Torpor 80, Spell: Forlorn Deeds 4k, Spell: Umbra 2k, Sarnak Devastator 7k procs at level 1'
[5 hours ago] Azumen auctions, 'WTB Book of Obulus WTB'
[5 hours ago] Orloka auctions, 'SELLING > A Blue Throne - A Blue Crown - A Black Crown < SELLING'
[5 hours ago] Paralegal auctions, 'WTS Rod of Insidious Glamour 750p'
[5 hours ago] Paralegal auctions, 'WTS Custom Enchanted Jewelry! Need HP? MANA? WISDOM? INT? STR? DEX? .... I've got something for everyone! Prices start at 45p per item (with many items less than 100p). PST For order information and pricing!'
[5 hours ago] Snoozies auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Amice x Loam Encrusted Cloak x Loam Encrusted Pantaloons'
[5 hours ago] Chuuuks auctions, 'WTS A Shamanistic Shenannigan Doll, A White Throne, A Red Throne, A Black Throne, A Blue Crown, Cloak of Flames'
[5 hours ago] Chuuuks auctions, 'WTB Silver Chitin Wristband - 4k'
[5 hours ago] Adeela auctions, 'WTS-'- Full Cleric Epic MQ 60k - Ports Included! PST'
[5 hours ago] Syncromesh auctions, 'WTS Sarnak Battle Shield // Spell: Death Pact // Spell: Spirit of the Howler // Crushed Topazx2 // Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hidex5 // Stalking Probes'
[5 hours ago] Pyropyre auctions, 'WTS Spider Fur Collar (150p), Runed Oak Bow (100p), Spell: Spirit of Scale (50p), Spell: Heroic Bond (50p)'
[5 hours ago] Dorfheads auctions, 'Selling: Spell: Tepid Deeds ll Spell: Wind of Tishanian ll Sathir's Wand ll Spell: Call of the Predator ll Cape of Midnight Mist ll Green Jade Broadsword ll Targishin's Bone Mask'
[5 hours ago] Stashia auctions, 'WTS Bag of the Tinkerers 5.5k Ivandyr's Hoop 600 Dragon Horn Ykesha 50'
[5 hours ago] Coryell auctions, 'WTS Incarnadine Boots // Circlet of Shadows // Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons // Idol of the Thorned // Blood Ember Vambraces // Blood Ember Bracer // Loam Encrusted Sleeves //'
[5 hours ago] Coryell auctions, 'WTS Black Bear Pelt Cloak // Laced Veil // Anti-Poison Amulet // Withered Leather Shoulderpads // Netted Kelp Cap //'
[5 hours ago] Lazov auctions, 'WTB Platinum Tiara'
[5 hours ago] Cakazu auctions, 'WTS Medium Quality Cat Pelt x6 , High Quality Cat Pelt x3 , Medium Quality Bear Skin'
[5 hours ago] Gramichael auctions, 'WTS Wooly Spider Silk Net'
[5 hours ago] Coryell auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Wristband // Iksar Hide Cap // Orc Fang Earring (x2) // A Black Throne // Black Sapphire Velium Necklace'
[5 hours ago] Tunnelbank auctions, 'WTB fungi tunic, 50k PST '
[5 hours ago] Orloka auctions, 'SELLING >>> A Blue Throne - A Blue Crown - A Black Crown <<< SELLING'
[5 hours ago] Stashia auctions, 'WTS aBag of the Tinkerers 5.5k Ivandyr's Hoop 600 Dragon Horn Ykesha 50'