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[14 hours ago] Mygician auctions, 'WTS Atramentous Shield, Ravenscale Chestguard, Silken Whip of Ensnaring, Journeyman's Walking Stick, Sebilite Scale Leggings, Kunzar Cloak, Deepwater Helm, '
[14 hours ago] Bandelero auctions, 'wtb brazier of elemental summoning'
[14 hours ago] Lowetus auctions, 'WTS Preserved Split Paw Eye 5 - Split Paw Hide Belt 10 - Split Paw Hide Tunic 10 - Charred Boots 40'
[14 hours ago] Greenberry auctions, 'WTB Deepwater Vambraces'
[14 hours ago] Redtalon auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips'
[14 hours ago] Lookunto auctions, 'wts Donal's Vambraces of Mourning, Barbarian Hunting Spear, Beetle stinger, Ivory Imbued Collar, Burnished Wooden Stave'
[14 hours ago] Muloky auctions, 'WTB Golem Tear Ring '
[14 hours ago] Muloky auctions, 'WTS Glowing Bone Collar 275pp//Withered Leather Skullcap 350pp'
[14 hours ago] Muloky auctions, 'WTS Bone Legplates 20pp//Batfang Headband 30pp//Batfang Headband 30pp//Turtleshell Helm 20pp//Sheer Bone Mask 30pp//Bone Armplates 20pp//'
[14 hours ago] Lowetus auctions, 'WTS Chipped Bone Collar 25 - Sheer Bone Mask 50 - Batskull Earring 150 - Diamondine Earring 750 - Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap 750'
[14 hours ago] Jbezos auctions, 'Squallsurge Shawl 5.8k, Braided Ivy Cords 800, Sharkskin Drum 800, Darksea Harpoon 1.5k, Sharkbone Warhammer 100, Gloomwater Harpoon 50'
[14 hours ago] Eqnerd auctions, 'PC on A Shovel'
[14 hours ago] Lowetus auctions, 'WTS Shralok Pack 100 - Turtleshell Helm 10 - Bone Armplates 25 - Bone Legplates 25 - Crested Mistmoore Shield 150'
[14 hours ago] Ryuh auctions, 'WTS Ice Giant Toesx82 50p ea Fungus Covered Scale Tunic 90k'
[14 hours ago] Sulvany auctions, '**T1 Tonics** WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p | 10 Dose Ant's Potion (shrink anywhere!) 220p | 10 Dose Null Potion 200p | 10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness 200p | DS Potion 200p | 10 Dose Disease or Poison Cure 160p | EB or Levitate 250p | Jade Chokidai Prod 1k'
[14 hours ago] Droodguy auctions, 'wts IFS 15kpp pst'
[14 hours ago] Mygician auctions, 'WTS Totemic Helm, Sword of Skyfire'
[14 hours ago] Dexavia auctions, 'WTS Granite Bracer 500pp or 900 for set'
[14 hours ago] Bandelero auctions, 'wtb firerune brand'
[14 hours ago] Sugarbaby auctions, 'WTS Essence of Dol 75p Wand of Frost Bolts 2k'
[14 hours ago] Janshai auctions, 'WTS Lionhide Backpackx1 125, Ring of Shadowsx3 200 ea'
[14 hours ago] Hoomanwar auctions, 'WTS Wurmslayer 1.9k - Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring 1750!'
[14 hours ago] Greatone auctions, 'wtb ice giant toes'
[14 hours ago] Redtalon auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips 2 stacks'
[14 hours ago] Sshaolin auctions, 'WTS Mudman Enforcer 150p Iksar Scaled Gloves 200p Wu's Quivering Staff 400p '
[14 hours ago] Eqnerd auctions, 'WTB A Shovel, Cyclops toes, Fire Drake Scale'
[14 hours ago] Adou auctions, 'Silver-plated Leggings 350, Moonstone Ring 50, Silversilk Leggings 20, Flowing Black Silk Sash 8k, Amethyst Bracelet 150, White Gold Necklace 300, Mithril Frog Totem 20.'
[14 hours ago] Magikott auctions, 'WTB Dustscryers Crystal Ball 2,000pp PST'
[4 days ago] Belphegor auctions, 'WTB Jaundiced Bone Bracer, pst'
[4 days ago] Belphegor auctions, 'WTS Flowing Black Silk Sash'
[4 days ago] Veneneux auctions, 'wts Tiny Coin Purse 400//Spell: Improved Superior Camo 500/Spell: Call of Earth 500/Brightwood Spear500'
[4 days ago] Sendawule auctions, 'WTS Black Iron Girdle, Silvery Mask, Black Sapphire Electrum Earring, Hooded Black Cloak, Loam Encrusted Veil'
[4 days ago] Sendawule auctions, 'WTS Jade Reaver, Firerune Brand, Glimmering Axe, Edge of Cabilis, Noble's Walking Staff'
[4 days ago] Sendawule auctions, 'WTB Paineel Steel Vambraces Collar'
[4 days ago] Dasvault auctions, 'WTS Pristine Emeraldx13 || Flawless Diamondx2 || Flawed Emerald | Jaundice Gemx5 | Crushed Flame Opalx2 PST'
[4 days ago] Dasvault auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Circlet || Crystal Chitin Gauntlets || Crystal Chitin Shield || Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood|| Spider Fur Gloves || Ring of the Frost Spiders PST'
[4 days ago] Aezor auctions, 'WTS Words of Coercion, Words of Cloudburst, Rune of Al'Kabor, Chanter pages: 390, 76, 375, 8, 26'
[4 days ago] Aezor auctions, 'WTS Left Goblin Ear x8, Lightstone, Preserved Split Paw Eye, Thick Leather Apron, Grobb Cleaver, High Quality Bear Skin'
[4 days ago] Aezor auctions, 'WTS Banded Gorget, Small Bronze Pauldron, Brass Earring, Antiqued Silver Band'
[4 days ago] Aarreln auctions, 'WTB Sebilis Scale Vambrace and Boots'
[4 days ago] Bigdumper auctions, 'wts Dire Wolf-Hide Cloak 2k / Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 1500 / Fang of the Garou 400 pst'
[4 days ago] Veneneux auctions, 'WTS Seaworthy Planking mq '
[4 days ago] Veneneux auctions, 'wts Tiny Coin Purse 500//Spell: Improved Superior Camo 700/Spell: Call of Earth 500/Brightwood Spear500'
[4 days ago] Jouleein auctions, 'WTS Sentient Breastplate 200p, Sentient Bracer 100p, Spell: Vocarate: Water, Spell: Upheaval,Spell: Pillar of Lightning,Spell: Yaulp IV 25p each'
[4 days ago] Frooglle auctions, 'WTB SoW Pots / Ring of Shadows / 10 Dose Potion of Stinging Wort / Shiny Brass Idol'
[4 days ago] Earball auctions, 'WTSBracer of Scavenging 200pp'
[4 days ago] Oliive auctions, 'WTS Blood Point 4.5k Crystalline Claw Dagger 700p Ravenscale Chestguard all worn pieces head arms gloves bracer x 2 chest legs feet 1300 Cloak of Shadows 1k WTB full paladin ro set will trade bloodpoint for full set'
[4 days ago] Earball auctions, 'WTB Words of Convocation,Transendence'
[4 days ago] Maddness auctions, 'WTS Holgresh Elder Beads , Gauntlets of Potence'
[4 days ago] Tytya auctions, 'WTS Zealot's Incarnadine Sword 2Kp / Vehement Sword of Reivaj 1kp PST.'
[4 days ago] Exttremo auctions, 'WTS Holgresh Elder Beads'
[4 days ago] Halfthor auctions, 'WTS Split Paw Hide Mask || Ivory Bracelet || Cutthroat Insignia Ring || Wraith Bone Hammer || Lizardscale Belt || Greater Lightstone'
[4 days ago] Wardie auctions, 'WTS Hill Giant Toes x8'
[4 days ago] Wardie auctions, 'WTS Shark Skin'
[4 days ago] Pursemoney auctions, 'WTB Suit of small banded. Paying well.'
[4 days ago] Nanae auctions, 'WTS Song: Melody of Ervaj | Spell: Great Divide Portal | Spell: Call of Earth | Spell: Flame of Light | Shardwurm Eye'
[4 days ago] Ceanen auctions, 'WTS Spell: Invert Gravity 400p, Dareb's Skull 10p'
[4 days ago] Xiangu auctions, 'WTB Cobalt Scar Portal'
[4 days ago] Moonglow auctions, 'Buying Morning Dew..Oak Bark..Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide..Yew Leaf'
[4 days ago] Telanis auctions, 'WTS Harpoon of the Depths 75pp || Tattered Arm Wrappings 30pp || A Crude Stein 20pp'
[4 days ago] Juanman auctions, 'wts Ringed Mace of the Ykesha 22kpp'
[4 days ago] Southie auctions, 'WTS Sionachie's Partisan 700'
[4 days ago] Rawdy auctions, 'WTB blacksmith services'
[4 days ago] Woodwind auctions, 'wtb ebon mace, crystalline spear or similar~'
[4 days ago] Prell auctions, 'WTB Monster Summon III, COTH, Aegolism'
[4 days ago] Ceatten auctions, 'WTS Shralok Pack100p EA. HOLDS GIANT NEVER GOES LORE'
[4 days ago] Ceanen auctions, 'WTS Spell: Shiftless Deeds 50p, Spell: Blanket of Forgetfulness 50p, Spell: Reoccurring Amnesia 50p, Spell: Allure 200p'
[4 days ago] Shenronn auctions, 'WTB Lodizal Shell Shield, Malo, Bane'
[4 days ago] Earball auctions, 'WTSBracer of Scavenging 200ppGlimmering Mithril Torque70pp'
[4 days ago] Belgianwaffle auctions, 'WTS Crystalline Claw Dagger 500pp'
[4 days ago] Ceanen auctions, 'WTS Spell: Radiant Visage 50p, Spell: Gravity Flux 50p, Spell: Mind Wipe 50p, Spell: Pillage Enchantment 50p, Spell: Color Skew 50p'
[4 days ago] Fleemarket auctions, 'WTB Deathfist Belts and Pads'
[4 days ago] Pursemoney auctions, 'WTHire a blacksmith for a suit of banded'