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[20 minutes ago] Graash auctions, 'WTB High Quality Bear Skin 25pp each'
[20 minutes ago] Dytos auctions, 'wts Medium Quality Cat Pelt/Low Quality Cat Pelt 5pp each'
[20 minutes ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTS Crypt Master`s Conjuring Stone 3k, Silver Chitin Wristband 4.5k, Sarnak Battle Shield 1k-- PST'
[20 minutes ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTS Amulet of Necropotence 223k, Fungus Covered Scale Tunic 58k, Living Thunder Earring 46k, Tranquil Staff 42k, Orb of the Infinite Void 19k, Iksar Hide Cape 4.5k -- PST'
[20 minutes ago] Jatar auctions, 'wts Cerulean Greaves'
[20 minutes ago] Jilamily auctions, 'WTS Ghoulbane 600p | 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p ea, pst!'
[20 minutes ago] Sylos auctions, 'WTS Runed Morning Star x2 / Club of the Ice Ocean / Circlet of Shadows (pre-nerf) / Nature's Wrath / Efreeti Mace'
[20 minutes ago] Sylos auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots / Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2 / Earring of Woven Bark / Cougar Claw Earring / Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood / Crafted Velium Warsword'
[20 minutes ago] Sylos auctions, 'WTS Tolan's Darkwood Greaves / Orb of the Infinite Void / Crystal Chitin Armplates / Silver Chitin Hand Wraps / Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield / Crystal Chitin Boots'
[20 minutes ago] Karcosa auctions, 'WTS Faceguard of Bentos the Hero 30k or trade for RBG/Hiero Cloak plat'
[20 minutes ago] Tahqo auctions, 'WTS Barbed Ringmail 1.5 - Luminescent Staff 5.5 - Bitter Blade of the Icepaw 550 - Spider Fur Belt 1.1 - Shimmering Terror Hide Boots 150 - WTS '
[20 minutes ago] Tahqo auctions, 'WTS Blood Ember Vambraces 400 - Blood Ember Bracer 400 - Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces 400 - Black Ice Sleeves 100 - Ry`Gorr Chain Gloves 75 - Knuckle Dusters 200 - WTS '
[20 minutes ago] Hoberta auctions, 'WTS Cougar Claw Earring x2'
[20 minutes ago] Thasmon auctions, 'WTB Spell:Egress , Spell: Improved Superior Camouflage ,Spell:Circle of Summer , Spell:Circle of Winter , Spell:Spirit of Scale , Spell:Form of the Howler'
[20 minutes ago] Jatar auctions, 'wtb port to ej'
[20 minutes ago] Wolfgirl auctions, 'WTS Shiny Brass Idol 500p'
[20 minutes ago] Azerin auctions, 'WTS Charred Guardian Shield, Chipped Bone Bracelet, Runed Mithril Bracer, Crystalline Belt, Bloodstained Tunic, Bloodstone Eyepatch, Mammoth Hide Cloak, '
[20 minutes ago] Azerin auctions, 'WTS Gauntlets of the Black, Dwarven Plate Pauldron, Crystalline Robes, Kobold Bone Gauntlets, Spider Fang Choker, Vambraces of Avoidance, Enameled Black Chestplate, '
[20 minutes ago] Azerin auctions, 'WTS Platinum Fire Wedding Ring, Crested Spaulders, Poison Wind Censer, Honed Velium War Lance pst'
[20 minutes ago] Takeall auctions, '{ WTB } { Greater Vocaration: Water ~ Paying well } { Steel Wristband of Strategy } { PST }'
[1 days ago] Brackenbane auctions, 'WTS Molten Cloak, Gatorscale Sleeves, Charred Guardian Shield'
[1 days ago] Lizaria auctions, 'WTS Black Pantherskin Tunic 900 / Phase Spider Carapace 1,200 / Sionachie's Partisan 100 / '
[1 days ago] Lizaria auctions, 'WTS Deepwater Boots 350 / Singing Steel Gauntlets 500 / Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets500 / Clay Guardian Shield 250 / '
[1 days ago] Lizaria auctions, 'WTS Mucilaginous Girdle 500 / Adamantite Club 4,000 / Mask of Wurms 200 / Melodious Truncheon 300 / '
[1 days ago] Periginee auctions, 'WTB Coldain Heads, Bone-Clasped Girdle, Robe of the Spring, Icepaw Kobold Paws -- PST'
[1 days ago] Dodge auctions, 'wts Crystal Chitin Armplates 1700 -- wtb Crushed Topazx1 - giant warrior helmet'
[1 days ago] Hutdoorf auctions, 'WTS Left Goblin Ear 15pp each'
[1 days ago] Hutdoorf auctions, 'WTS Wolf Fur Slippers 100pp..Helm of Rile...100pp..A Shovel100pp..A Stein 100pp..Ice Crystal Staff 50pp..Singing Steel Gauntlets 450pp..Mammoth Hide Cloak 200pp....'
[1 days ago] Lracc auctions, 'WTS Tranquil Staff 42k price is negotiable 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p pst.'
[1 days ago] Notstew auctions, 'WTS Belt of the Great Turtle 90k Lodizal Shell Shield 25k Exquisite Velium Reinforced Bow 8k A Sly Summoner Doll 7k Massive Velium Battlehammer 6k'
[1 days ago] Kinkenn auctions, 'WTS Fishbone Earring'
[1 days ago] Hutdoorf auctions, 'WTSWooly Spider Silk Net 1k each'
[1 days ago] Muggz auctions, 'WTS Cloak of Flames <> Blood Runed Girdle <> Incarnadine Breastplate <> Carved Dragonbone Spear <> Silvery Belt of Contention <> Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace '
[1 days ago] Horza auctions, 'WTS Idol of the Thorned 1.5k'
[1 days ago] Belfedia auctions, 'WTB High Quality Bear Skin 25pp each // WTS Hand Made Backpack (10 slots WR) 55pp each // Pst'
[1 days ago] Dagaric auctions, 'WTS Barbed Dragonscale Boots'
[1 days ago] Bonkerrs auctions, 'WTS Orb of the Infinite Void - 18k'
[1 days ago] Eitri auctions, 'WTS Guard Captain`s Mallet 2500pp / Jade Mace 600pp / PST'
[1 days ago] Clungina auctions, 'WTS Siblisian Berserker Cloak 21k, Axe of Lost Souls 500, Blood Fire 500, Reaver only 10k, fishbone earring 2k, if anyone wants to make a profit, i'll do the lot for 30k cos i need the plats'
[1 days ago] Dagaric auctions, 'WTS Argent Protector 10.5k Crown of Narandi 75k'
[1 days ago] Anemone auctions, 'WTS Truncheon of Doom 8k'
[1 days ago] Blackmarket auctions, 'WTS Iksar Hide Manual Ivandyr's Hoop A Blue Crown A White Crown A Wily Warlock Doll'
[1 days ago] Crease auctions, 'WTB Cobalt Boots and Incarnadine Greaves'
[1 days ago] Lancedon auctions, 'WTS Mask of the Dragon Slayer 130k, Faceguard of Bentos the Hero30k'
[1 days ago] Lancedon auctions, 'WTB Loam Encrusted Bracers, Mask of Secrets, Girdle of Rapidity'
[1 days ago] Vidmar auctions, 'WTB a port to NK'
[1 days ago] Capia auctions, 'r these worth anything ? High Quality Wolf Skin'
[1 days ago] Anaduin auctions, 'WTS: Flawed Sea Sapphire // Jaundice Gem // Flawed Topaz //Chipped Onyx Sapphire // Nephrite'
[1 days ago] Lorisca auctions, 'WTB: Coldain Skin Gloves'
[1 days ago] Clungina auctions, 'WTS Siblisian Berserker Cloak 21k, Axe of Lost Souls 500, Blood Fire 500, Hardened Clay Bracelet 600, Reaver only 10k, fishbone earring 2k, if anyone wants to make a profit, i'll do the lot for 30k cos i need the plats'
[1 days ago] Gandadar auctions, 'High Quality Bear Skin 30p'
[1 days ago] Edwardo auctions, 'WTB High Quality Bear Skin paying 20 pp each. WTS Hand Made Backpack 90 pp each. Firm. No haggling'
[1 days ago] Illyric auctions, 'WTS Hierophant's Cloak 15k Reaver 12k Crown of Narandi 76k PST'
[1 days ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTB Sentry Girdle'
[1 days ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTS A White Throne 30k / Coldain Skin Gloves 2200p / Coldain Skin Boots 2000p / Spell: Aegolism 1000p'
[1 days ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTB Rings of Shadows'
[1 days ago] Byeee auctions, 'WTS Ghoulbane 700'
[1 days ago] Edwardo auctions, 'WTS ~ Arctic Wyvern Skullcap 1100 pp ~ Nathsar Helm 200 pp ~'
[1 days ago] Deny auctions, 'WTB Sash of the Dragonborn, PST'
[1 days ago] Issabeau auctions, 'wts Arctic Wyvern Hide x22 - Chipped Onyx Sapphire x3 - Flawed Emerald x3 Flawed Topaz x3 Nephritex3'
[1 days ago] Edwardo auctions, 'WTS ~ Monkly Goodness ~ Bring harmony to Norrath by smashing your >> Peacebringer << over them until they stop moving >> Price of 2800 pp is negotiable <<'
[1 days ago] Eliaden auctions, 'WTS Runewood Great Staff, Sentient Two-Handed Axe, Orc Fang Earring, Dreadscale Breastplate, Cold Iron Gauntlets, Dreadscale Helm, Cold Iron Pauldron, pst!'
[1 days ago] Laulau auctions, 'WTS Qeynos Badge of Honor MQ 2kp - Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 800p - Ice Giant Toesx8 50 each'
[1 days ago] Panelope auctions, 'WTB 10 Dose Wort Pot WTB'
[1 days ago] Bardar auctions, 'WTB Guardians Mace, Breath of Harmony'
[1 days ago] Illyric auctions, 'WTS Hierophant's Cloak 15k Reaver 12k Di`zok Sceptre of Authority 3k Crown of Narandi 76k PST'
[1 days ago] Eldwin auctions, 'WTS Idol of the Thorned 1.4k'
[1 days ago] Eldwin auctions, 'WTS Earring of Essence 1k'
[1 days ago] Kingarthurr auctions, 'WTS Shiny Brass Idol 400p'
[1 days ago] Lunierian auctions, 'WTB Black Sapphire, pst '
[1 days ago] Lunierian auctions, 'Golden Jaded Bracelet 45pp Golden Star Amulet 50pp Golden Sapphire Earring 200pp Jaded Velium Ring 450pp Rose Velium Engagement Ring 450pp'
[1 days ago] Lunierian auctions, 'WTS Golden Cat Eye Bracelet 45pp Cat Eye Platinum Necklace 190pp Electrum Star Ruby Ring 150pp Platinum Star Ruby Veil 250pp Velium Star Ruby Veil 450pp'
[1 days ago] Broni auctions, 'Embroidered Black Cape 100 Foreman's Skull Cap 50 Gnome Skin Gloves 50 Shadowbone Earring 50'
[1 days ago] Broni auctions, 'Spell: Shroud of Pain 100 Spell: Flame of Light 100 Song: Melody of Ervaj 100'
[1 days ago] Dratin auctions, 'WTB Words of Dimension / Words of Coercion PST'
[1 days ago] Belfedia auctions, 'WTB High Quality Bear Skin 25pp each // WTS Hand Made Backpack(10 slots WR) 55pp each // Pst'
[1 days ago] Broni auctions, 'Hand Made Backpack 60 ea'
[1 days ago] Wolfgirl auctions, 'Wts Gatorscale Leggings 300p / / Gatorscale Sleeves 20 p'
[1 days ago] Aavixx auctions, 'WTS Iksar Hide Mask/Fungus Covered Scale Tunic/Tolapumj's Robe/Frost Covered Tome/Dire Wolf-Hide Cloak/'
[1 days ago] Branok auctions, 'wts Advisor Robe'
[1 days ago] Zabi auctions, 'wtb spell: translocate'
[1 days ago] Lenridory auctions, 'WTS Thick Banded Belt2k/Spider Fur Belt1.5k'
[1 days ago] Lenridory auctions, 'WTB Platinum Tiara / Enshrouded Veil'
[1 days ago] Krishena auctions, 'WTS Flayed Skin Cap 45p Sheer Bone Mask 50p Helm of Rile 100p Black Panther Skin 10p Tigeraptor Hide x6 (10p each or 50p for all 6).'
[1 days ago] Krishena auctions, 'WTS Spider Fang Choker 40p Batfang Headband 40p Black Alloy Medallion 100p Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets 450p Split Paw Hide Gloves 15p Kejekan Tribal Headband 25p'
[1 days ago] Beancounter auctions, 'WTS Thunder Runed War Spear, Giant Warrior Helmetx3'
[1 days ago] Karcosa auctions, 'WTS Faceguard of Bentos the Hero - will consider trades including RBG and/or Hiero Cloak'
[1 days ago] Manwich auctions, 'WTB Eyepatch of Shadow'
[1 days ago] Beancounter auctions, 'WTB Prickly Pear, White Gold Necklace, Crystalline Orb, Mortificator Staff'