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[0 seconds ago] Decio auctions, 'WTB crushed topaz'
[0 seconds ago] Doft auctions, 'WTS: Tribal War Boots, Bloodstained Tunic'
[0 seconds ago] Boleman auctions, 'WTB Necro Spells: Hungry Earth, Harmshield, Animate Dead, Breath of the Dead, Haunting Corpse, Summon Dead, Renew Bones'
[0 seconds ago] Toryasxfer auctions, 'WTS Nightshade Scented Staff 6k; Peacebringer 2k; A White Crown 4k; Club of the Ice Ocean 300p'
[0 seconds ago] Boleman auctions, 'WTB Runed Circlet, Sheer Bone Mask, Bracelet of Woven Grass, Feathered Leggings (or any items similar to listed)'
[0 seconds ago] Mulanie auctions, 'WTS Ice Giant Toes 50 each ~ Withered Leather Tunic 3k ~ Withered Leather Skullcap 200 ~ Lupine Dagger 2k ~ Frostbringer 2k ~ Runed Bolster Belt 28k'
[0 seconds ago] Caros auctions, 'WTS Blue Diamond Electrum Earring900 Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet1500 Velium Diamond Wedding Ring900'
[0 seconds ago] Roenaj auctions, 'WTS Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 500'
[0 seconds ago] Boleman auctions, 'WTS Sarnak Arcane Fetish, Green Jade Broadsword, Bloodstained Tunic, Crested Mistmoore Shield, Bloodstained Mantle, High Quality Cat Pelt, Blackened Wand'
[0 seconds ago] Osiol auctions, 'WTS Steel Hilted Flint Dagger -- Di`zok Oracle Shillelagh -- Mask of Obtenebration -- Velium Swiftblade -- Crystalline Belt -- Foreman's Skull Cap'
[0 seconds ago] Beleen auctions, 'WTB pristine emeralds'
[0 seconds ago] Osiol auctions, 'WTS Cobalt Drake Cloak -- Cobalt Drake Belt -- Haze Panther Boots -- Haze Panther Shoulderpads'
[0 seconds ago] Osiol auctions, 'WTB Ice Burrower Silks -- Velium Boning -- Cobalt Drake hide -- Velium Mastodon Fur '
[0 seconds ago] Caros auctions, 'WTS Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons2200 Barbed Dragonscale Boots1400 WTB Black Sapphire Blue Diamond'
[0 seconds ago] Caros auctions, 'WTS Imbued Granite Spauldors1k Cloak of Flames60k Earring of Blazing Energy4k Flawless Diamond5k Jade Reaver5k Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate15k Peacebringer3k'
[0 seconds ago] Ninael auctions, 'Taking offers on - Bioluminescent Orb'
[0 seconds ago] Qadra auctions, 'WTS Thurgadin MQ's: Corroded Plate BP, Bracer. Corroded Chain Gaunts, Bracer. Torn Enchanted Silk gloves, Turbin,'
[0 seconds ago] Pwnch auctions, 'WTB Stave of Shielding - Adamantite club!'
[0 seconds ago] Pwnch auctions, 'WTS Jade Mace 500p!'
[0 seconds ago] Jebbank auctions, 'WTS Barbed Ringmail Leggings 3.5k || Soul Binder 250 || Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes 100 || Spell: Aegis 250 || Spell: Acumen 100 || Spell: Velocity 50'
[0 seconds ago] Jebbank auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips stacks x7 10p each'
[0 seconds ago] Jence auctions, 'WTB loam encrusted gloves, enshrouded veil, spell: torpor'
[0 seconds ago] Darre auctions, 'WTB Spell // Fist Of Karana // Spirit Of Oak // Mask Of The Hunter // '
[0 seconds ago] Decio auctions, 'WTS PoM squires, blue and white knights, Chipped Velium Amulet, Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes, Loam Encrusted Veil, Spell: Boon of the Garou'
[0 seconds ago] Exelyon auctions, 'WTS Thick Banded Belt 2k'
[0 seconds ago] Coquinmalin auctions, 'WTB Fist of Karana'
[0 seconds ago] Tangela auctions, 'Prayer Shawl'
[0 seconds ago] Phinggers auctions, 'WTS Othmir Fur x50'
[0 seconds ago] Phinggers auctions, 'WTS Unadorned Leather Tunic (SS Tunic) 35k your gems || Phase Spider Carapace 1.8k'
[0 seconds ago] Toryasxfer auctions, 'WTS Full set of cards for Black Flower of Funtionality'
[0 seconds ago] Toryasxfer auctions, 'WTS Nightshade Scented Staff 5k; A White Crown 4k; Peacebringer 2k; Club of the Ice Ocean 500p; Twisted Bone Earring 3.5k'
[0 seconds ago] Nitmit auctions, 'WTS Elder Spiritist's Vambraces 500 and Staff of the Earthcrafter 2k - PST'
[0 seconds ago] Nitmit auctions, 'WTB Druid Spell - Bonds of Tunare - PST'
[0 seconds ago] Beleen auctions, 'WTB 3 pristine emeralds'
[0 seconds ago] Marketguy auctions, 'WTS Tolapumj's Robe | Bracer of the Hidden | A Glowing Black Stone | Imbued Granite Spauldors| Cone of the Mystics | Blade of the Green Dragon Eye - Make Offers!!'
[0 seconds ago] Marketguy auctions, 'WTS Tolapumj's Robe '
[0 seconds ago] Corpsemule auctions, 'WTS Black Bear Pelt Cloak 2000 - Lath Drinor 1200 - Darkforge Greaves 250 - Darkforge Helm 200 - Darkforge Gauntlets 100'
[0 seconds ago] Corpsemule auctions, 'WTS Full visible Cold Iron Breastplate set - 1k!'
[0 seconds ago] Dragnoroc auctions, 'WTB Essence Emeralds'
[0 seconds ago] Dragnoroc auctions, 'WTS Tolapumj's Robe'
[0 seconds ago] Corpsemule auctions, 'WTB Coldain Skin Gloves'
[0 seconds ago] Aruz auctions, 'WTS Helmet of Rallos Zek , The Horn of Hsagra , Blade of Carnage , Massive Dragonclaw Shard , Belt of the Great Turtle , Dragons Blood Earring , Wurm Scale Coat '
[0 seconds ago] Purus auctions, 'WTS Sentient Gauntlets Heavy Dragonhide Gauntlets 300p PST'
[0 seconds ago] Darula auctions, 'WTS Crown of King Tranix 6700 PST'
[0 seconds ago] Hala auctions, 'WTS Incarnadine Breastplate | Wurmslayer'
[0 seconds ago] Idge auctions, 'Sash of the Dragonborn | Silver Chitin Hand Wraps | Werewolf Skin Cloak | Knuckle Dusters | Harpoon of the Depths | Shieldstorm | Crystalline Robes'
[0 seconds ago] Thragtusk auctions, 'WTS Advisor Robe | Crystalline Robes | Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes | Loam Encrusted Veil| Loam Encrusted Sleeves | Ring of the Frost Spiders'
[0 seconds ago] Willsmif auctions, 'wTS Reaper of the Dead 700p'
[0 seconds ago] Gazuk auctions, 'WTS Deathfist Slashed Belt x 7 5pp per // Lightstone x 4 5pp per // Bloodstone Eyepatch 40pp // Bone Chips 1 stack 10pp'
[0 seconds ago] Teodor auctions, 'WTB cloak of maelstrom, walrus skin drum'
[0 seconds ago] Jence auctions, 'WTS Rokyls Channelling Crystal 700'
[0 seconds ago] Mizter auctions, 'WTB Worn Cloth Mantle // Coldain Skin Gloves PST'
[0 seconds ago] Fairtrader auctions, 'WTS Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate'
[0 seconds ago] Guttin auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips 4 stacks 10pp ea'
[0 seconds ago] Watchee auctions, 'wts Sarnak Bracer of Honor 1500'
[0 seconds ago] Jence auctions, 'WTB loam encrusted gloves, enshrouded veil, sorcerous bowl, glowing black stone, student's homework'
[0 seconds ago] Nisjuubjorn auctions, 'WTS Silvery Belt of Contention 5350pp / Oiled Greaves 1800pp / Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 400pp / Book of the Rings 300pp / Tome of the Eternal 300pp / Adamantite Epaulets 225pp PST'
[0 seconds ago] Xmordus auctions, 'WTBuy Sebilite Scale Bracer and Gloves'
[0 seconds ago] Yvett auctions, 'wts Holgresh Elder Beads 550k, Bioluminescent Orb 400k --- WTB Manastone'
[0 seconds ago] Damusic auctions, 'wtb sow pot'
[0 seconds ago] Isostatic auctions, 'WTS Circlet of Shadow 30k | Spell: Succor | Spell: Disintegrate | Spell: Acumen'
[0 seconds ago] Soulports auctions, 'WTS Crustacean Shell Greaves - Crustacean Shell Vambraces - Crustacean Shell Gauntlets - Crustacean Shell Helm - Crustacean Shell Boots - Crustacean Shell Shield'
[0 seconds ago] Narshe auctions, 'WTB Kavruul's Mystic Pouch || Treasure Hunter's Satchel WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Zacknafian auctions, 'WTB Writ of Dizok, Sarnak Bracer of Honor, Fungi Tunic, Spiked Seahorse hide Belt Pst..'
[0 seconds ago] Damusic auctions, 'WTS Sionachie's Partisan, Loam Encrusted Sash, Loam Encrusted Amice, Wand of Conflagration,b'
[0 seconds ago] Cuute auctions, 'WTS Iksar Hide Mask pst'
[0 seconds ago] Hotshott auctions, 'WTS Staff of the Dreaded Gaze PST'
[0 seconds ago] Hala auctions, 'WTS Wurmslayer | Incarnadine Breastplate | Wurm Scale Coat'
[0 seconds ago] Crowdog auctions, 'WTS <> Iksar Hide Cape <> Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet <> '
[0 seconds ago] Diox auctions, 'WTS Imbued Granite Spauldors - Black Marble - Spider Fur-Lined Boots'
[0 seconds ago] Kittenfists auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Hand Wraps ~ Crystal Chitin Gauntlets ~ Silver Chitin Wristband'
[0 seconds ago] Jemoke auctions, 'WTB Spell: Death Peace'
[0 seconds ago] Jemoke auctions, 'WTS Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield, Hexed Kerran Doll, Loam Encrusted Veil, Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes, Loam Encrusted Cap, Loam Encrusted Sleeves, Loam Encrusted Sash'
[0 seconds ago] Kutch auctions, 'WTB MQ Plate Arms and Legs. I have the gems '
[0 seconds ago] Kutch auctions, 'WTB MQ Plate Arms and Legs. I have the gems. (Thurgadin, can't afford SS)'
[0 seconds ago] Silvaen auctions, 'WTS Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate 9k'
[0 seconds ago] Caryah auctions, 'WTSell : Shralok Pack 100pp . / . High Quality Bear Skin 30pp . / . 2x stack of Bone Chips 10pp eac '
[0 seconds ago] Piolion auctions, 'WTS Phase Spider Carapace 1k'
[0 seconds ago] Littlebill auctions, 'WTS Jade Reaver 4k!'
[0 seconds ago] Deener auctions, 'WTS Swiftclaw Sash 750p | Spirit Reaver 350p | Forlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek 250p | High Quality Cougarskin 75p each'
[0 seconds ago] Gall auctions, 'WTS Stained Cloth Mask / Laced Veil / Loam Encrusted Amice / Iksar Skin Gloves / Stein of Moggok / Rod of Insidious Glamour / Bracelet of Woven Grass'
[0 seconds ago] Ryzenn auctions, 'WTB Tome of Miragul'
[0 seconds ago] Caryah auctions, 'WTBuy : [ Withered Leather Wristband '
[0 seconds ago] Ecpatron auctions, 'WTS Tiny Coin Purse 125p || Mantle of Absorption 175p || Walrusbone Shield 50p || Book of Strategy 500p, PST'
[0 seconds ago] Foxone auctions, 'WTS Oakleaf Scimitar 4k- Di`zok Sceptre of Authority 1k- Earring of Purity 2.5k PST'
[0 seconds ago] Shtuffy auctions, 'WTS Spell: Summon Shard of the Core , Spell: Cackling Bones , Spell: Tears of Druzzil , Spell: Heroic Bond , Spell: Unswerving Hammer , Spell: Sunskin'
[0 seconds ago] Tseara auctions, 'WTS Tranquil Staff 37k || Belt of the Great Turtle'
[0 seconds ago] Yasmeen auctions, 'Enchanter Spell: Gift of Insight x2 300 Spell: Color Slant 100 Spell: Wake of Tranquility x2 75 Spell: Improved Invisibility 10 '
[0 seconds ago] Spitter auctions, 'WTS A Torch / A Broom / A Stein / Stiletto of the Bloodclaw / Earring of Disease Reflection / Iksar Scaled Gloves / Black Tome with Silver Runes / -'
[0 seconds ago] Taymor auctions, 'WTB High Quality Bear Skin 30pp WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Shtuffy auctions, 'WTS Green Goblin Skin x29, Mt. Death Mineral Salts x10, Sabertooth Tiger Hide x13, High Quality Brute Hide x1, Brute Hide x8, Manticore Mane x4'
[0 seconds ago] Crommgar auctions, 'WTB Gnome Skin Tunic'
[0 seconds ago] Crommgar auctions, 'WTB Brightwood Spear'
[0 seconds ago] Bedeadly auctions, 'WTS Exquisite Velium Battle Axe 6k'
[0 seconds ago] Shtuffy auctions, 'WTS Split Paw Hide Gloves , Black Steel Wrap , Spine Piercer , Burynai Legion Gi , Mountain Death Belt'
[0 seconds ago] Winyk auctions, 'WTS Barbed Dragonscale Boots 1000, Robe of Enshroudment 150, Spell: Haunting Corpse 75'
[0 seconds ago] Littlebill auctions, 'WTS 001620000000000000000000000000000000028E6C711Jade Reaver '
[0 seconds ago] Foxone auctions, 'WTS Oakleaf Scimitar - Di`zok Sceptre of Authority - Earring of Purity PST'
[0 seconds ago] Linoge auctions, 'WTB Sarnak Battle Shield 800p / Rod Of Faith 6.5k'