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[0 seconds ago] Guggen auctions, 'WTS Barbed Dragonscale Boots , Book of Strategy'
[0 seconds ago] Norbio auctions, 'WTS High Quality Wolf Skin 5p x 2 / High Quality Cat Pelt 5p x 1 / High Quality Bear Skin 30p x2'
[0 seconds ago] Noobi auctions, 'WTS High Quality Brute Hidex8 Topazx13'
[0 seconds ago] Rebarded auctions, 'WTS Imbued Ogre War Breastplate | High Quality Brute Hide x17 (25p) '
[0 seconds ago] Speedstar auctions, 'WTS Living Thunder Earring'
[0 seconds ago] Hjalvar auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Shield '
[0 seconds ago] Eruptionz auctions, 'Wtb Sionachie's Partisan'
[0 seconds ago] Uumad auctions, 'WTB Arctic Wyvern Cloak'
[0 seconds ago] Himetime auctions, 'WTS Woven Frost Giant Beard 50pp Goblin Slaver's Whip 50pp Jaded Electrum Bracelet 15pp Silver Fire Wedding Ring 100pp Blackened Pearl Silver Ring 40pp Silver Opal Engagement Ring 40pp'
[0 seconds ago] Youbuy auctions, 'WTS Ghoulbane 800p // Iksar Berserker Club 420p (lol) // Tome of Miragul 800p // Choker of Majdd 500p <>ACCEPTING TRADES<> PST'
[0 seconds ago] Failwyn auctions, 'WTS High Quality Lion Skin 150pp, A Gypsy Medallion 25pp, High Quality Bear Skin 25pp, Griffon Feathersx28 10pp ea., Hero Bracers 100pp'
[0 seconds ago] Isellzstuff auctions, 'WTS Earring of Purity 4.5k Song: Composition of Ervaj 250pp Spell: Focus of Spirit 250pp Spell: Scars of Sigil 50pp Green Goblin Skinx11 stacks 450pp each OBOs WTS'
[0 seconds ago] Paperbark auctions, 'WTS 14x High Quality Brute Hide'
[0 seconds ago] Ellsa auctions, 'WTS Velium Ruby Veil 500, Sapphire Velium Necklace 475, Fire Emerald Velium Ring 450/ea, Velium Fire Wedding Ring 425/ea, Velium Jasper Ring 350/ea, Jaded Velium Ring 350/ea'
[0 seconds ago] Ellsa auctions, 'WTS Platinum Ruby Veil 300, Sapphire Platinum Necklace 275, Platinum Fire Wedding Ring 250/ea, Golden Sapphire Earring 150/ea, Rose Platinum Engagement Ring 150/ea, Platinum Jasper Ring 150/ea'
[0 seconds ago] Cavik auctions, 'WTS Spell: Regrowth of the Grove 700 pst'
[0 seconds ago] Joria auctions, 'WTS Golden Cat Eye Bracelet 25p, Electrum Star Ruby Ring 125p, Ring of Frost 50p, Ring of Goblin Lords 75p, Sarnak Arcane Fetish 100p, Crystal Webshield 100p'
[0 seconds ago] Cavik auctions, 'WTS complete cleric epic MQ pst'
[0 seconds ago] Bomorf auctions, 'wtb iksar hide cap'
[0 seconds ago] Virrick auctions, 'WTB Wiz Spells! Draught of Jiva, Improved Invs, Invs to Undead, Imbue Fire Opal!'
[0 seconds ago] Guglo auctions, 'WTS Narandi's Lance or WTT x2 lances a little plat for Massive Dragonclaw Shard - pst'
[0 seconds ago] Chobbis auctions, 'WTB dufrenite'
[0 seconds ago] Xabler auctions, 'WTB Red Wood Wand, Block of Velium, Platinum Tiara.'
[0 seconds ago] Juvenis auctions, 'WTS Stained Parchment Bottom (Rogue epic) 1k'
[0 seconds ago] Atrabilus auctions, 'Wts Hematite - Malachite - Carnelian - Cat's Eye Agate'
[0 seconds ago] Maelvyr auctions, 'WTS Corroded Plate Helmet MQ(YourGems)1kp, Corroded Plate Gauntlets MQ (Your gems) 500p, Sainy's Claw 30p'
[0 seconds ago] Dragonsblade auctions, 'WTS Crystalline Silk Net 20pp / Nathsar Vambraces 1k'
[0 seconds ago] Atrabilus auctions, 'Wts Onyx - Jasper - Amber - Peridot'
[0 seconds ago] Eqnomics auctions, 'WTB [] [] [] Spell: Shroud of Undeath [] [] [] PST with Price'
[0 seconds ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Imbued Platinum Fire Ringx2-Platinum Fire Wedding Ringx2-Rose Platinum Engagement Ringx2-Platinum Jasper Ringx2-Golden Jaded Braceletx2-Golden Cat Eye Braceletx2'
[0 seconds ago] Ellsa auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Kilva's Skin of Flame 450/ea, 10 Dose Ant's Potion 225/ea, 10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness 200/ea, 10 Dose Potion of Aquatic Haunt 150, 10 Dose Ethira's Poison Antidote 125/ea, 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100/ea'
[0 seconds ago] Micko auctions, 'WTS Hammered Golden Loop loot rights 25k including drag and res. Just get to chardok we do the rest. Trades considered PST'
[0 seconds ago] Zomgg auctions, 'WTS JBoots MQ '
[0 seconds ago] Localdad auctions, 'WTS Cracked Darkwood Shield 75p, Runed Shell Necklace 100p, Dagger of Marnek 30p, Viik's Dark Defender 25p, Scourgetail Whip 20p, Blackened Alloy Coif 150p'
[0 seconds ago] Digestx auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 1400'
[0 seconds ago] Deals auctions, 'WTS Elder's Earring 8k - Coldain Skin Gloves 2.5k - Coldain Skin Boots 2k - Black Pearl Velium Ring 400 - Spell: Bedlam -- Spell: Visions of Grandeur 12k - Spell: Malo 9.7k'
[0 seconds ago] Pawnaor auctions, 'WTS Tanned Iksar Hide Leggings 13k, Nephrite, Chipped Onyx Sapphire, Flawed Emerald, Jaundice Gem, Flawed Topaz'
[0 seconds ago] Micko auctions, 'WTS Spell: Enlightenment Spell: Bandoleer of Luclin Spell: Pillar of Lightning Spell: Reckoning Spell: Dementia Spell: Aegis Spell: Tears of Prexus PST'
[0 seconds ago] Faterzen auctions, 'WTS Reaver , Circlet of Shadow , Velium Crystal Staff'
[0 seconds ago] Servetus auctions, 'WTT donals legs plat for a runed bolster belt or selling for 22k'
[0 seconds ago] Micko auctions, 'WTS Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air Spell: Heroic Bond Spell: Form of the Howler Spell: Infusion Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 700pp 18x Snapper Oil PST'
[0 seconds ago] Marduran auctions, 'WTS Bracer of the Hidden'
[0 seconds ago] Xaitil auctions, 'WTS Doljonijiarnimorinar 11k - 140dd proc at level 1!!!'
[0 seconds ago] Seized auctions, 'WTB Cleric spell Celestial Healing'
[0 seconds ago] Kungfoopimp auctions, 'WTS: Spell: Zumaik`s Animation // Sarnak Prayer Beads // Mask of Secrets // Iksar Hide Manual // Spell: Sedulous Subversion // Darksight Dagger - CHEAP PST!'
[0 seconds ago] Adfain auctions, 'WTS Shining Velium Battlehammer 2.5k, Light Velium Spear 700; Blue Diamond 500; Book of Obulus 500 '
[0 seconds ago] Backalleydeals auctions, 'WTB Coldain Heads 100p each WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Unfrozen auctions, 'WTS Jade Mace 700'
[0 seconds ago] Kungfoopimp auctions, 'Taking offers on Girdle of Rapidity ~ PST!'
[0 seconds ago] Stoney auctions, 'WTS/T Spell: Divine Might || Enchanted Dwarven Plate Visor || Enchanted Dwarven Plate Gauntlets'
[0 seconds ago] Revv auctions, 'WTS Thurg Plate BP 10k // Thurg Plate Vambraces 1k // Thurg Plate Boots 500pp - your gems and faction.'
[0 seconds ago] Deals auctions, 'WTS Puppet Strings 300k - Tranquil Staff 47k - Runed Bolster Belt 28k - Narandi's Lance 27k - DawnFire, Morning Star of Light 12k - Shield of the Green Dragon 10k'
[0 seconds ago] Gwynbleidd auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Armplates 2kpp / Oiled Greaves 2800pp / PST'
[0 seconds ago] Himetime auctions, 'WTS All for 50 pp each // Spell: Bandoleer of Luclin // Spell: Gift of Xev // Spell: Inferno of Al`Kabor // Spell: Pillar of Lightning'
[0 seconds ago] Veskia auctions, 'WTS Pristine Giant Scarab Carapace PST'
[0 seconds ago] Alpenglow auctions, 'Earring of Everfount 400p Crushed Black Marble 2x Crushed Coral 00640900000000 000000000000000 Fang Choker Q WTB Markar's Discord 200p'
[0 seconds ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Blue Diamond Electrum Earringx2-Golden Black Sapphire Earringx2-Golden Amber Earringx2-Golden Sapphire Earringx2'
[0 seconds ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Velium Jacinth Wedding Ringx2-Velium Diamond Wedding Ringx2-Electrum Star Ruby Ringx2-Velium Ruby Veil-Platinum Ruby Veil-Platinum Star Ruby Veil-Velium Star Ruby Veil'
[0 seconds ago] Digestx auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 1.5k'
[0 seconds ago] Mitsakos auctions, 'WTS Eyepatch of the Shadows , Sarnak Arcane Fetish , Book of Obulus , Black Sapphire Velium Necklace , Black Sapphire Electrum Earring , Diamond'
[0 seconds ago] Coldhandz auctions, 'WTS Charred Guardian Shield ~ Charred Guardian Breastplate ~ Adamantite Bo Stick ~ Gatorscale Sleeves - PST'
[0 seconds ago] Squapa auctions, 'WTS Crushbone Belt WTS Leather Padding WTS Bone Chips PST'
[0 seconds ago] Creations auctions, 'Selling Stave of Shielding , Sarnak Battle Shield , Di'zok Wristsnapper , Di`zok Begirding , Earring of Woven Bark , 00160F00000000000000000000000000000006974C32CSymphonic Saber '
[0 seconds ago] Damagi auctions, 'WTS Spell: Levant 2k'
[0 seconds ago] Lenice auctions, 'WTS Goblin Gazughi Ring 6600pp, Lost Staff of the Scorned 50pp, Wraith Bone Hammer 50pp'
[0 seconds ago] Deals auctions, 'WTS Spell: Zumaik`s Animation 5k - Spell: Frost -- Spell: Bond of Death 500 - Spell: Lich 500 - Spell: Invoke Death 500 - Spell: Dead Man Floating 250 - Spell: Invoke Shadow'
[0 seconds ago] Youbuy auctions, 'WTS Iceflame 850p // Cobalt Boots 400p // Lodizal Shell Boots 1kp // Dusty Breastplate 350p <>ACCEPTING TRADES<> PST'
[0 seconds ago] Validen auctions, 'WTS Darkforge Breastplate ,, Mammoth Hide Leggings ,,, Mask of Secrets ,,, Crystal Chitin Armplates ,,, Sorcerous Bowl ,,, Idol of the Thorned'
[0 seconds ago] Bogaan auctions, 'WTS Sarnak Battle Shield 1.5k || Guard Captain`s Mallet 2.8k || Bronze Statue of Bathezid 800 || Jagged Blade of Mourning 1.5k'
[0 seconds ago] Damagi auctions, 'WTS Obulus Death Shroud 1.7kpp : Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 600pp :Velium Fire Wedding Ring 450 : Frozen Orb 650 :Symphonic Saber 1.5k : Earring of Woven Bark 750pp'
[0 seconds ago] Dorfius auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips x67 30p'
[0 seconds ago] Valuemart auctions, 'WTB HQ Bear Pelts WTB'
[0 seconds ago] Tibbz auctions, 'WTS Spell: Largarn`s Lamentation'
[0 seconds ago] Joria auctions, 'WTS Spell: Color Skew, Spell: Mind Wipe, Spell: Pillage Enchantment, Spell: Elemental Maelstrom, Spell: Circle of Wakening Lands 40p ea, Spell: Boon of the Garou 300p'
[0 seconds ago] Digestx auctions, 'WTS Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 1300'
[0 seconds ago] Joria auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Bracelet 250p, Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes 300p, Tiny Coin Purse 350p, Netted Kelp Sleeves 2k'
[0 seconds ago] Ikass auctions, 'Bracer of the Hidden 6k == Noctivagant Blade 2k == Cobalt Boots 500 == Deepwater Boots 450 == Jade Chokidai Prod 325 == Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets 500 == Kunzar Cloak 175 = '
[0 seconds ago] Faywen auctions, 'WTB Melodious Truncheon PST'
[0 seconds ago] Lookatdis auctions, 'WTS Split Paw Hide Tunic 8, Split Paw Hide Belt 5, Lambent Stone 15, Earring of Disease Reflection 4, Wolf-hide Sleeves 15'
[0 seconds ago] Lunkwill auctions, 'WTS Shralok Pack 150p ea, Totem of Disruption 150p, Ball of Golem Clay 100p pst'
[0 seconds ago] Mardana auctions, 'WTB ---- Boots of Ro, Clay Guardian Shield ----'
[0 seconds ago] Sekhem auctions, 'WTS 1x High Quality Brute Hide , 40x Essence of Winter , 20x Spider Silk , Wu's Fighting Slippers , Drolvarg Mantle'
[0 seconds ago] Aego auctions, 'WTS Kobold-hide Boots / Dragoon Dirk good newbiw gear'
[0 seconds ago] Dakara auctions, 'WTS Cobalt Drake Belt / Reinforced Dragonwing Mantle / Coldain Skin Boots / Snow Storm Mask / Fungi Covered Great Staff / Living Thunder Earring / Footpads of the Tiger'
[0 seconds ago] Mooz auctions, 'Wts Velium Crystal Staff 12k'
[0 seconds ago] Sombras auctions, 'WTB custom cowl of mortality - swiftblade of zek - lodizal shield'
[0 seconds ago] Rebarded auctions, 'WTS Imbued Ogre War Breastplate || High Quality Brute Hide x17 (25p) PST'
[0 seconds ago] Olld auctions, 'WTS Gauntlets of Fiery Might 5k, Loam Encrusted Pantaloons, Loam Encrusted Cloak, Spell: Girdle of Karana, Spell: Vengeance of Al`Kabor, Spell: Talisman of the Brute, Blood Point'
[0 seconds ago] Mardana auctions, 'Symphonic Saber 900p or trade for Venomous axe or Saber 300p for Silver Chitin Hand Wraps. Sarnak-Hide Mask 120p, Stained Cloth Mask 350p, '
[0 seconds ago] Mardana auctions, 'Elemental Binder 20p, Stained Cloth Mask 300p, Sarnak-Hide Mask 100p, Green Jade Broadsword 100p, Symphonic Saber 750p or trade for Venomous axe or saber 300p for SCHW'
[0 seconds ago] Tasina auctions, 'Stave of Shielding 5k Matchless Dragonhorn Bracers 10k Earring of Everfount 700pp Mrylokar's Boots 500pp'
[0 seconds ago] Okie auctions, 'WTS Matchless Dragonwing Mantle 40k | Peerless Dragonwing Mantle 10k | Heavy Dragonwing Mantle 4k | Reinforced Dragonwing Mantle 1.5k | Ice Silk Cap 6k.'
[0 seconds ago] Ellor auctions, 'WTS Othmir Fur Cap 90 -- WTB Othmir Fur'
[0 seconds ago] Pyropyre auctions, 'WTS Runed Mithril Bracer 350p obo'
[0 seconds ago] Chask auctions, 'WTS Smoldering Brand 250p - Fungi Covered Great Staff 15k - Spell: Enlightenment - Spell: Flaming Sword of Xuzl || buying all lce giant toes PST!'
[0 seconds ago] Craio auctions, 'WTB Flawless Diamond // Tribal War Mask PST'
[0 seconds ago] Valuemart auctions, 'WTB HQ Bear Pelts, pst'
[0 seconds ago] Valris auctions, 'WTB Words of Tyranny, Words of Dominion, Words of Transcendence, Words of Dimension, Words of Coercion'
[0 seconds ago] Valris auctions, 'WTB Spell: Cornucopia, Spell: Summoning: Fire, Spell: Summoning: Water, Spell: Summoning: Air'
[0 seconds ago] Faterzen auctions, 'WTS Zlandicar's Heart'