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[1 days ago] Troubador auctions, 'WTS Griffon Feathers x 2 Obsidian Bead Hoop - Turquoise Eyepatch - Platinum Dragon Totem - Impskin Gloves - Shadowed Rapier <- jboots quest piece. '
[1 days ago] Troubador auctions, 'WTS Bag of the Tinkerers 5.3k each (3) available.'
[1 days ago] Siaha auctions, 'WTS Brazier of Elemental Summoning500 / Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 900'
[1 days ago] Undertree auctions, 'WTS - Spell: Elemental Maelstrom|Spell: Splurt|Spell: Blast of Poison|Chipped Onyx Sapphire|Flawed Sea Sapphire|Flawed Topaz|Flawed Emerald'
[1 days ago] Dreadmaster auctions, 'WTB - Stave of Shielding - Imbued Fighters Staff - PST'
[2 days ago] Kibobtik auctions, 'WTB Small Bronze Boots'
[2 days ago] Brawlyn auctions, 'WTS Green Jade Broadsword for 100pp PST'
[2 days ago] Greytar auctions, 'WTB full set of large or medium banded'
[2 days ago] Kibobtik auctions, 'WTB Small Bronze Boots, Words of Sight, Words of Coercion'
[2 days ago] Ladyoftheswomp auctions, 'WTB Large Soiled Bag'
[2 days ago] Okie auctions, 'WTS Frostbringer 3k | Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons 3k | Cloak of the Maelstrom 2k | Barbed Dragonscale Boots 1.5k | Reinforced Dragonhorn Boots 150 | Larrikan's Mask 250.'
[2 days ago] Dauntlless auctions, 'WTS Dragon Bone Bracelet 2.5k - Velium Fire Wedding Ring 600 x2 each - Deepwater Bracer 500 - Rubicite Greaves 25k listening to offers/trades pst'
[2 days ago] Dhanked auctions, 'wtb strange ochre clay'
[2 days ago] Dhanked auctions, 'wts Jaded Velium Ring 450p'
[2 days ago] Okie auctions, 'WTS Tolan's Darkwood Bracer 5k | Singing Steel Helm 2k | Singing Steel Bracer 1.5k | Mrylokar's Bracer 1.5k | Ebon Mace 3k | Staff of the Waterwalker 2k .'
[2 days ago] Dauntlless auctions, 'WTS - Noctivagant Blade 2.2k - Black Bear Pelt Cloak 4.5k - Crystal Chitin Armplates 3.5k - Mask of Swirling Water 1k - Clockwork Watchman Helm 1.5k listening to offers/trades pst'
[2 days ago] Dauntlless auctions, 'WTS Cloak of Crystalline Waters 55k - Siblisian Berserker Cloak 43k - Runed Bolster Belt 43k - Tanglewood Shield 35k - Shield of the Green Dragon 18k listening to offers/trades pst'
[2 days ago] Sweetch auctions, 'WTS Mountain Death Belt 50p // A Gypsy Medallion 300p // Ry`Gorr Oracle Shield 500p // Feathered Leggings 40p // Golden Pearl Choker 50p // 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p'
[2 days ago] Okie auctions, 'WTS Spell: Cannibalize IV 4k | Spell: Augment 1k | Spell: Gift of Brilliance 1k | Spell: Protection of the Glades 500 | Spell: Nature Walkers Behest 500.'
[2 days ago] Milieth auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips 6 stacks'
[2 days ago] Bagztofull auctions, 'wts Staff of the Dreaded Gaze, Circlet of Shadow, Adamantite Club, Crystalline Short Sword, Larrikan's Mask, Mask of Wurms, Siren Scale Robe'
[2 days ago] Bagztofull auctions, 'wts Spell: Pox of Bertoxxulous, Spell: Bane of Nife, Spell: Mark of Karn, Blue Diamond, Black Sapphire, Sludged Girdle, Embroidered Black Cape'
[2 days ago] Woraddi auctions, 'WTS Blue Diamond 750 - Deepwater Bracer 450pp'
[2 days ago] Spellbinding auctions, 'WTS Potion of Poison Warding, Fishbone Earring (trade for Frostbringer)'
[2 days ago] Jerlayne auctions, 'WTS Sash of the Dragonborn 6k * Haze Panther Boots 4k * Haze Panther Skullcap 4k'
[2 days ago] Octavion auctions, 'WTS: | Crimson Robe of Alendine | Crown of King Tranix | Sash of the Dragonborn | '
[2 days ago] Shartacus auctions, 'WTB - Glaive of Maritek - PST w/ price - WTB'
[2 days ago] Zolnierz auctions, 'WTS Jagged Blade of Mourning | Crescent Blades of Luclin'
[2 days ago] Renoa auctions, 'WTS Tolan's Darkwood Bracer, 5k pp.'
[2 days ago] Talula auctions, 'WTS: Loam Encrusted Amice 300pp, Loam Encrusted Bracelet (x2) 300pp'
[2 days ago] Saerune auctions, 'WTS SPELL ! Spell: Heroic Bond, Spell: Wakening Lands Portal, Spell: Summon Shard of the Core, Spell: Scars of Sigil, Spell: Bristlebane`s Bundle, Spell: Reckoning'
[2 days ago] Crankitup auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100pp ( last one )'
[2 days ago] Horsindonkey auctions, 'WTS Spell: Call of the Hero / Spell: Aegis of Ro / Spell: Summon Shard of the Core / Spell: Spirit of Scale / Spell: Cannibalize III / Spell: Upheaval / Spell: Blizzard'
[2 days ago] Talula auctions, 'WTB: Spell: Umbra!'
[2 days ago] Gringgots auctions, 'WTS Unadorned Breastplate, Tattered Silk Robe'
[2 days ago] Walterke auctions, 'WTS Bracer of the Hidden -- Jade Chokidai Prod -- Abalone Gorget -- A Crude Stein -- Envy'
[2 days ago] Loregaar auctions, 'wts Astral Cloak of the Titans 1k, Black Alloy Medallion 75pp'
[2 days ago] Buyfrommee auctions, 'WTS Velketor's Spell Book Pst! (STA: 5 CHA: 5 INT: 8 MANA: 100 SV FIRE: 10 SV DISEASE: 5 SV COLD: 10 SV MAGIC: 20 SV POISON: 5) 50k Pst!'
[2 days ago] Trasak auctions, 'WTS Spider Silk 25pp a stack (3 available), Bone Chips 7pp per stack send me your offer (bulk pricing) '
[2 days ago] Saerune auctions, 'WTS Abram's Axe of the Stoic / Beetle stinger / Green Jade Broadsword / Serrated Bone Dirk / Moonstone Ring / Foreman's Skull Cap'
[2 days ago] Saerune auctions, 'WTS Earring of Essence / Obsidian Ring of Quintessence / Sparkling Soul Necklace / Onyx Earring / Laced Veil / Drakescale Belt / Elf-hide Gloves'
[2 days ago] Buyfrommee auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Boots, Crystal Spider Eyes, Crystal Chitin Gauntlets, Ring of the Frost Spiders, Crystal Chitin Circlet'
[2 days ago] Vincy auctions, 'WTS Spell: Death Pact, Spell: Pillage Enchantment, Spell: Shiftless Deeds'
[2 days ago] Crusadar auctions, 'WTB obulus death shroud'
[2 days ago] Sonilok auctions, 'WTS: Crushed Flame Emerald - Crushed Topaz - Blue Diamond'
[2 days ago] Spellbinding auctions, 'WTS Potion of Poison Warding X 5, Fishbone Earring'
[2 days ago] Sombras auctions, 'WTS Netted Kelp Tunic - Netted Kelp Pantaloons - Golden Efreeti Boots - Enshrouded Veil - Golden Bracer - Steel Wristband of Strategy'
[2 days ago] Lalyar auctions, 'WTS 1 Hand Made Backpack 50p'
[2 days ago] Siaha auctions, 'WTS Brazier of Elemental Summoning500, Gatorscale Sleeves100'
[2 days ago] Siaha auctions, 'WTB Bamboo bo stick'
[2 days ago] Regalador auctions, 'WTS Band of Eternal Flame send tell'
[2 days ago] Grubbly auctions, 'WTS Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring / Platinum Jacinth Wedding Ring / Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet / Blue Diamond Electrum Earring / Sarnak Emblazened Tabard / Wu's Fighting Wristbands '
[2 days ago] Grubbly auctions, 'WTS Mrylokar's Breastplate / Phase Spider Carapace / Mithril Vambraces / Incandescent Mask / Anti-Poison Amulet / Bloodstained Mantle / Gnomish Environment Suit '
[2 days ago] Regalador auctions, 'WTS Pristine Emerald send tell'
[2 days ago] Lebanat auctions, 'WTS [Bone Chips] PST'
[2 days ago] Kronikal auctions, 'WTS Cobalt Boots psxt'
[2 days ago] Zelara auctions, 'WTB Bone Razor || Jagged Chokidai Spike || Crystalline Claw Dagger || or similar prices and spec weapons'
[2 days ago] Unluckii auctions, 'WTS crusty Crustacean Shell Vambraces, Crustacean Shell Helm, Crustacean Shell Shield, Ice Giant Toes, Rune Etched Icewurm Fang sick sham wep'
[2 days ago] Unluckii auctions, 'WTS full CRUSTY set Crustacean Shell Breastplate, Crustacean Shell Bracersx2, Crustacean Shell Boots, Crustacean Shell Gauntlets, Crustacean Shell Greaves, Crustacean Shell Shield, PST'
[2 days ago] Spellbinding auctions, 'WTS Potion of Poison Warding, Fishbone Earring'
[2 days ago] Lewkeng auctions, 'Selling Custom Cowl of Mortality,Fingerbone Hoop,Hierophant's Cloak,'
[2 days ago] Unluckii auctions, 'WTS Rune Etched Icewurm Fang amazing SHAM wep, Platinum Dragon Totem, Bloodforge Helm, Noble's Robes, Diamondx2, Spell: Circle of Wakening Lands 44 DRU '
[2 days ago] Donkeyone auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots - Royal Kromrif blood - Crystallized Blade'
[2 days ago] Sweetch auctions, 'WTS Barbarian Spiritist`s Hammer 2000p // Shield of the Red Dragon 22k // Emerald Dragonscale Tunic 10k // Sarnak Battle Shield 3k'
[2 days ago] Dagner auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots,Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air'
[2 days ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTS Cloak of Crystalline Waters 50k || Flowing Black Silk Sash 3700'
[2 days ago] Lyriq auctions, 'WTB Orb of Tishan'
[2 days ago] Onom auctions, 'wts Cloak of Flames 70k, Lodizal Shell Shield 24k, Wrapped Entropy Serpent Spine 6k, Idol of the Thorned 3k, Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 2k, Lodizal Shell Boots 1k'
[2 days ago] Nukol auctions, 'WTS Dragon Tooth Choker'
[2 days ago] Donkeyone auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots - Royal Kromrif blood - Crustacean Armor pieces'
[2 days ago] Movezlang auctions, 'WTB DUSTY BREASTPLATE 200p!'
[2 days ago] Movezlang auctions, 'WTS Small Bronze Greaves 20p Small Bronze Gauntlets 18p Small Bronze Pauldron 16p Small Bronze Collar12p Small Bronze Helm 20p Small Bronze Mask 10p Golden Amber Earring 35p !r!'
[2 days ago] Onom auctions, 'wts Coldain Skin Gloves 2.5k, Coldain Skin Boots 2k'
[2 days ago] Movezlang auctions, 'WTS Crustacean Shell Helm 250pp ! !!'
[2 days ago] Morki auctions, 'Selling spells : Spell: Tumultuous Strength and Spell: Wandering Mind'
[2 days ago] Morki auctions, 'Buying A Shovel'
[2 days ago] Grognoct auctions, 'WTS Ring of Shadows x15...Lionhide Backpack x5..'
[2 days ago] Soll auctions, 'BUYING Imbued Fighters Staff, Adamantite Club and SoS, Phase Spider Carapace or Other Monk Chest and Necklace Please send link and Price!'
[2 days ago] Tyskie auctions, 'WTS Velium Mastodon Fur Cloak -- Haze Panther Tunic -- Crystal Chitin Chestguard -- Frostbringer - Blue Diamond Electrum Earring'
[2 days ago] Syidhob auctions, 'WTS Tranquil Staff 47k - wtb crown of king tranix 7k'
[2 days ago] Brawlyn auctions, 'WTB Wu Trance Sticks x2 100pp each PST'
[2 days ago] Brawlyn auctions, 'WTS Green Jade Broadsword for 100pp'
[2 days ago] Crankitup auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100pp ( 5 in stock)'
[2 days ago] Wizzis auctions, 'wts wtt Spell: Flame of Light, Arctic Wyvern Wristbands, White Bear Pelt Cloak send tells with offers. Also looking for a master tailor please message me.'
[2 days ago] Naraka auctions, 'WTB Inexpensive Necro Robe'
[2 days ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTS Crushed Flame Emerald / Crushed Topaz / Crushed Coral x 3 / Crushed Lava Ruby x 3'
[2 days ago] Slagz auctions, 'WTS exe hood 150p / molten cloak 400p'
[2 days ago] Kavalier auctions, 'WTS Jade Chokidai Prod 300, Iksar Scaled Gloves 50, Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide, Oak Bark; WTB banded leggings'
[2 days ago] Rarrow auctions, 'WTS Reinforced Dragonspine Vambraces 1500pp, Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 750pp, Ancient Seahorse Hide Cloak 600pp'
[2 days ago] Cloakis auctions, 'WTS Barbed Velium Spear 6k Crafted Velium Warsword 6k Dark Scale Greaves 1.8k Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons 3k'
[2 days ago] Cloakis auctions, 'WTB Shield of the Rainbow Hues Unadorned Leather arms'
[2 days ago] Fitche auctions, 'Low level // druid ports // available. BB, WC, Toxx, Karana. pst'
[2 days ago] Slapyomamadealz auctions, 'WTB RS/PS VP key pieces MQ PST'
[2 days ago] Ladyoftheswomp auctions, 'WTB Rune Etched Icewurm Fang pst'
[2 days ago] Rebro auctions, 'WTS Haze Panther Sleeves 3.6k PST!'
[2 days ago] Majo auctions, 'WTS Bracer of the Hidden (6500)'
[2 days ago] Fornis auctions, 'WTS Rune Etched Icewurm Fang 8k'
[2 days ago] Askhar auctions, 'WTB Monk Weapons PST'