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[14 seconds ago] Fireapple auctions, 'WTS Mithril Greaves (600p) / Hero Bracers (200p) / Obulus Death Shroud (1900p) / Crystal Chitin Gauntlets (800p) / Poison Wind Censer (900p) / Sword of the Morning (500p)'
[14 seconds ago] Fireapple auctions, 'WTS Wurmslayer (2000p) / Sarnak Battle Shield (3000p) / Phase Spider Carapace (3500p) / Crown of King Tranix (8500p) / Worked Dragonspine Vambraces (1200p) / Lodizal Shell Boots (1000p)'
[14 seconds ago] Qxzv auctions, 'wtb embroidered black cape pst'
[14 seconds ago] Lenfist auctions, 'WTS Tattered Mantle-Spell: Pillar of Frost-Spell: Splurt-Enameled Black Mace'
[14 seconds ago] Lenfist auctions, 'WTS Tattered Mantle-Spell: Pillar of Frost--Enameled Black Mace'
[14 seconds ago] Kimary auctions, 'WTB bone chips pst'
[14 seconds ago] Padmalotus auctions, '2 stacks bone chips 20['
[14 seconds ago] Menthal auctions, 'WTB Spidersilk 10p/stack'
[14 seconds ago] Zolnierz auctions, 'WTS Eye of Innoruuk || Red Dragon Scales || Shield of the Immaculate'
[14 seconds ago] Sometrader auctions, 'WTS Charred Guardian Breastplate Bloodstone Eyepatch Sacrificial Dagger'
[14 seconds ago] Lenfist auctions, 'WTS Tattered Mantle-Spell: Pillar of Frost--Enameled Black Mace-Elemental Binder-Lambent Stone'
[14 seconds ago] Stimmy auctions, 'WTS Totemic Breastplate / 10 Dose Potion of Unlife Awareness / Master Wu's Trance Stick / Lambent Stone / Spell: Pillar of Lightning / Spell: Tears of Druzzil pst'
[14 seconds ago] Purvey auctions, 'WTS Golden Efreeti Boots 2k, Silver-plated Leggings 350, Tree Weave 300, Crustacean Shell Boots 200, Dusty Rusted Vambraces 100, Giant Scalemail Gloves 20'
[14 seconds ago] Qianbao auctions, 'WTS Sentient Two-Handed Axe 200p, Spell: Circle of Force, Sentient Gauntlets, Sentient Greaves 100p /ea'
[14 seconds ago] Alangulon auctions, 'WTS Mistmoore Battle Drums, Singing Steel Boots'
[14 seconds ago] Salelor auctions, 'WTS Phase Spider Carapace3500p10 Dose Blood of the Wolf100p pst'
[14 seconds ago] Salelor auctions, 'WTB Orc Scalps / Left goblin ears'
[14 seconds ago] Imdamule auctions, 'WTB Crushed Onyx Sapphire x 1 WTB'
[14 seconds ago] Imdamule auctions, 'Sell Haze Panther Tunic, Haze Panther Boots, Haze Panther Leggings, Crafted Velium Warsword, Haze Panther Skullcap, Fleeting Quiver, Golden Efreeti Boots'
[14 seconds ago] Korvellus auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Boots 1k/Heavy Velium Warsword 1.8k PST (both for 2.5k)'
[14 seconds ago] Avonner auctions, 'WTS Imbued Granite Spauldors // Crushed Flame Emerald // Crushed Coral // Crushed Black Marble // Crushed Lava Ruby // Crushed Flame Opal // Crushed Jaundice Gem'
[14 seconds ago] Zharin auctions, 'WTS = Resist Rings = || Velium Diamond Wedding Ring 690 pp ( 8 ALL Resists ) || Velium Jacinth Wedding Ring 590 pp ( 14 MR ) || Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring 450 pp ( 7 ALL Resists ) || Platinum Jacinth Wedding Ring 390 pp ( 13 MR ) ||'
[14 seconds ago] Zharin auctions, 'WTS = Wisdom Gear = || Velium Ruby Veil 590 pp || Platinum Ruby Veil 350 pp || Velium Jasper Ring 390 pp || Platinum Jasper Ring 180 pp || Jasper Gold Earring 30 pp ||'
[14 seconds ago] Zharin auctions, 'WTS = Resist Gear = || Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet 2.9k or two for 5.5k || Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara 1.8k || Golden Blue Diamond Pendant 1.7k || Blue Diamond Electrum Earring 1.6k || Golden Diamond Mask 400 pp ||'
[14 seconds ago] Shadowbear auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Ant's Potion 200p / 10 Dose Potion of Antiweight 200p / 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p'
[14 seconds ago] Chale auctions, 'WTS High Quality Wolf Skin'
[14 seconds ago] Seudo auctions, 'WTS Spell: Augment 750p, Obsidian Bead Hoop x2 50p ea, Drake-hide Leggings 100p, Foreman's Tunic 75p, Platinum Armband 75p, Ring of Goblin Lords 75p'
[14 seconds ago] Hipie auctions, 'WTB Crystal chitin boots PST'
[14 seconds ago] Menthal auctions, 'WTS Chieftain's Headress 100p / Glowing Club 100p / Dustscryer's Crystal Ball 500p / Potion of Insight 75p'
[14 seconds ago] Tournicoti auctions, 'WTS Spell: Allure'
[14 seconds ago] Marquise auctions, 'WTS Sash of the Dragonborn 6k, Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 900'
[14 seconds ago] Avonner auctions, 'WTS Robe of los circlet and pipe KC MQ...... All you need is pipe chardok'
[14 seconds ago] Koong auctions, 'WTS Tolan's Darkwood Bracer , Flawless Diamond'
[14 seconds ago] Yukmouth auctions, 'WTS - Fingerbone Hoop - Heavy Dragonspine Vambraces - Cloak of Crystalline Waters - Dark Scale Greaves - Gauntlets of Fiery Might - Matchless Dragonhorn Boots - psT!'
[14 seconds ago] Padmalotus auctions, 'wtb blackened sapphire and blackened wand pst'
[14 seconds ago] Chinatown auctions, 'WTS Leather Padding 100p/stack'
[14 seconds ago] Fireapple auctions, 'WTS Poison Wind Censer 600p'
[14 seconds ago] Menthal auctions, 'WTB Coldain Skin Gloves'
[14 seconds ago] Fatter auctions, 'WTB Frostbringer'
[14 seconds ago] Eileanoir auctions, 'WTB Jade Reaver [] Spider Fur Collar'
[14 seconds ago] Smackahoe auctions, 'WTB SoS // Heiro Cloak, PST'
[14 seconds ago] Shadowbear auctions, 'WTB Spell: Talisman of the Brute'
[14 seconds ago] Smackahoe auctions, 'WTS Sash of the Dragonborn 7k // Golden Efreeti Boots 2k -- PST '
[14 seconds ago] Skaadi auctions, 'WTB Ykeshan War Club or other entry level druid weapon, Chipped Bone Collar, PST'
[14 seconds ago] Supplyanddemand auctions, 'WTB Robe of Melding Auras and High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelts!'
[14 seconds ago] Supplyanddemand auctions, 'WTS Bone-Clasped Girdle, A Black Throne, A Red Crown, Crystal Chitin Chestguard, Phase Spider Carapace, Sarnak Battle Shield, Crystal Spider Eyes!'
[14 seconds ago] Supplyanddemand auctions, 'WTS Platinum Tiara, Black Sapphire Velium Necklace, Crystal Chitin Gauntlets, Black Sapphire Electrum Earring!'
[14 seconds ago] Ridar auctions, 'WTS Runed Mithril Bracer, Dwarven Plate Breastplate, Black Sapphire Velium Necklace, Wurmslayer'
[14 seconds ago] Longardeaux auctions, 'WTS 5 x 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100pp each or all five for 460pp PST'
[14 seconds ago] Yukmouth auctions, 'WTS - Thick banded belt - Wurm scale coat - Circlet of shadows - psT!'
[14 seconds ago] Yukmouth auctions, 'WTS - Band of Eternal Flame - Massive Dragonclaw Shard - Shield of Rainbow Hues - psT!'
[14 seconds ago] Cekk auctions, 'wts Spiked Goblin Ring 100 // Jade Chokidai Prod 350 // Nature's Wrath 200 // Sarnak Warhammer 1k'
[14 seconds ago] Zolnierz auctions, 'WTB ||== White Dragon Scale ==|| WTB '
[14 seconds ago] Gwinny auctions, 'selling Small Piece of Velium 10 plat each.'
[14 seconds ago] Gwarchik auctions, 'WTBuy Elder Spirit Boots'
[14 seconds ago] Gwarchik auctions, 'WTS Bag of the Tinkerers 5.5k//'
[14 seconds ago] Harmonicdeth auctions, 'WTB Crystal Chitin Legs'
[14 seconds ago] Gwinny auctions, 'WTB Mithril legs and arms.'
[1 minutes ago] Funbaggs auctions, 'WTS Left Goblin Ear x8'
[1 minutes ago] Vathrek auctions, 'WTS High Quality Bear Skin 30p'
[2 minutes ago] Hipie auctions, 'WTS Hero Bracers or trade for lambent bracer PST'
[2 minutes ago] Gaelen auctions, 'WTB Port to NK'
[3 minutes ago] Hipie auctions, 'WTS Pearl Kedge Totem//Paw of Opolla//Golden Efreeti Boots// PST'
[5 minutes ago] Capitaine auctions, 'WTB Belt of the Cenobite, golem tear ring , '
[5 minutes ago] Capitaine auctions, 'WTB Child's Tear ( Shaman epic Mq )'
[7 minutes ago] Mashiara auctions, 'WTB Essence Emeralds'
[7 minutes ago] Gwinny auctions, 'selling Gnome Skin Tunic 50 plat Gnome Skin Leggings 50 plat Gnome Skin Sleeves 30 plat Gnome Skin Boots 20 plat.'
[11 minutes ago] Dyriern auctions, 'WTS Oak Bark(x5) 20 ea, Bear-hide Jerkin30, Blackened Sapphire50, Silver-Plated Bracer40, Polished Granite Tomahawk25'
[13 minutes ago] Shochu auctions, 'WTS Elemental Binder // Crested Mistmoore Shield // Straw Spun Belt // A Torch (najena)'
[13 minutes ago] Drumas auctions, 'Crafting Teir'Dal (Dark Elf) and Ogre Cultural armor to order'
[13 minutes ago] Drumas auctions, 'WTB Elven Blood - 10 pp each'
[17 minutes ago] Orellia auctions, 'WTB cheap newbie shaman gear'
[17 minutes ago] Seudo auctions, 'WTS Drake-hide Leggings 100p, Platinum Armband 50p'
[18 minutes ago] Notzeek auctions, 'WTS: Woodsman's Staff - Bloodstone Earring - Firerune Brand - Obsidian Bead Hoop - Gatorscale Sleeves'
[18 minutes ago] Notzeek auctions, 'WTB: Burnt Wood Staff - Mage Spell: Eye of Tallon'
[18 minutes ago] Mcnugget auctions, 'WTB HQ Brute Hides'
[18 minutes ago] Mcnugget auctions, 'WTS Coldain Skin Gloves 3k, Coldain Skin Boots 3k, Amulet of Insight 350p, Golden Chitin Bracer 300p'
[18 minutes ago] Pallm auctions, 'WTB Child's Tear MQ '
[18 minutes ago] Kwikade auctions, 'WTS Emerald Dragonscale Tunic,Rapier of Oriinx2,Fire Emerald Velium Ringx2Black Pantherskin Gloves,Cloak of Shadows,Drolvarg Mantle,Platinum Ruby Veil pst last call'
[19 minutes ago] Grumpsworth auctions, 'WTS Clay Guardian Shield/Circlet of Shadows/Arctic Wyvern Hides/Nephrite/Jaundice Gem/Flawed Topaz'
[19 minutes ago] Overcast auctions, 'WTS Rough Silver Chain MQ 2.5k, Sentient Greaves 100p, Sentient Plate Boots 80p, Tar goo strands 40p (2x60p), Kromzek Surveyor Scope 20p'
[19 minutes ago] Kwikade auctions, 'WTS Emerald Dragonscale Tunic,Rapier of Oriinx2,Fire Emerald Velium Ringx2Black Pantherskin Gloves,Cloak of Shadows,Drolvarg Mantle,Platinum Ruby Veil pst'
[20 minutes ago] Vathrek auctions, 'WTS Flayed Skin Tunic 40p, Flayed Skin Leggings 30p, Flayed Skin Bracers 30p'
[20 minutes ago] Mesothornie auctions, 'WTS Bracers of the Reverent'
[21 minutes ago] Bilb auctions, 'WTS Mantle of Absorption 700p, Frosted Gloves 400p, Stein of Moggok 300p, Spell: Monster Summoning II 125p, Song: Melody of Ervaj 125p'
[21 minutes ago] Pallm auctions, 'WTS Breath of Harmony 2k - WTB Child's Tear MQ WTB'
[21 minutes ago] Chickless auctions, 'WTS Black Panther Skin 50p each ( if buying bulk will sell cheaper)'
[22 minutes ago] Notzeek auctions, 'WTS: Various Mage research mats'
[23 minutes ago] Smackyou auctions, 'WTS Brazier of Elemental Summoning pst with offer'
[23 minutes ago] Zarikpod auctions, 'Spell: Wave of Healing wts'
[23 minutes ago] Salelor auctions, 'WTB Breath of Harmony--Guardians Mace--Orc Scalps PST'
[23 minutes ago] Nanga auctions, '10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p / Flawed Flame Emerald 550p'
[24 minutes ago] Vathrek auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips x 6 all for 50p'
[25 minutes ago] Paletto auctions, 'WTB HQ Brute Hides, Misty Acorns, left goblin ears'
[26 minutes ago] Paletto auctions, 'WTB Tranquil Staff'
[26 minutes ago] Beckoning auctions, 'WTB Torpor 110K'