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[9 hours ago] Muliezz auctions, 'WTB monk stuffs: Imbued Fighter's Staff 4k helm of rile 100p PST! '
[9 hours ago] Kaitlan auctions, 'WTS Spell: Harmshield, Spell: Haunting Corpse, Spell: Renew Bones, Visions of Sebilite (iksar illusion)'
[9 hours ago] Decayis auctions, 'WTS Ivory Imbued Collar 150p, Sarnak Emblazened Tabard 90p, Arctic Wyvern Mask 150p, Iksar Hide Boots 500p, Black Chitin Leggings 300p!'
[9 hours ago] Vhalean auctions, 'WTS Crystal Chitin Chestguard (3.25k), Black Marble (1.5k), Spell: Form of the Great Bear (1.5k), Selo`s Drums of the March (17k)'
[9 hours ago] Vhalean auctions, 'WTB Bioluminescent Orb'
[9 hours ago] Vhalean auctions, 'WTS Coldain Skin Gloves (2.25k), Coldain Skin Boots (1.9k) (4k for the pair)'
[9 hours ago] Decayis auctions, 'WTB a torch, a shovel!'
[9 hours ago] Sprayn auctions, 'WTB Spell: Haunting Corpse '
[9 hours ago] Kaitlan auctions, 'WTS Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide x 4, Leather Padding x 5 stacks'
[9 hours ago] Thomerrilin auctions, 'WTS Antonian Javelin 90p/stack- 850p/10 stacks'
[9 hours ago] Widdlefiz auctions, 'WTS Rebreather, Mechanized Lockpicks, Stalking Probe'
[9 hours ago] Thomerrilin auctions, 'WTS Pickled Wyvern 20p/stack'
[9 hours ago] Norrahh auctions, 'WTS Spider Fur Belt, Azure Sleeves, Iksar Hide Boots'
[9 hours ago] Thomerrilin auctions, 'WTS Oiled Greaves 4200p, Spell: Reckoning 50p, Spell: Death Pact 50p, Spell: Flame of Light 50p, Adamantite Club 3800p'
[9 hours ago] Lucifuge auctions, 'WTS Flawless Diamond 4k each , i have ( 3 ) will trade them and 32k for tstaff '
[9 hours ago] Tailyscale auctions, 'WTS Lath Drinor 4K | Walrusbone Shield 400pp | Brightwood Spear 100pp | Skyfury Scimitar 6k | Coldstone Wreath 350pp | Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 650pp'
[9 hours ago] Waterloo auctions, 'WTB Blue Throne 35k'
[9 hours ago] Trepo auctions, 'WTS Woodsman's Staff 4k , Gauntlets of Fiery Might 4k , Lodizal Shell Boots 1k '
[9 hours ago] Bluump auctions, 'WTS Incarnadine Boots -- Worked Dragonleg Breeches -- Reinforced Dragonhorn Bracers -- Black Sapphire Velium Necklace'
[9 hours ago] Bluump auctions, 'WTB Gnome Skin Helm -- Carved Dragonbone Spear -- Velium Claidhmore or Battleaxe -- Velium War Maul'
[9 hours ago] Norrahh auctions, 'wtb 3x Crushed Black Marble and 3x Crushed corals'
[9 hours ago] Tudar auctions, 'WTS Spell: Call of Karana, Spell: Upheaval'
[9 hours ago] Shelks auctions, 'WTS Spirit Tome 100pp // Wu's Quivering Staff 100pp // Dwarven Work Boots 200pp // Wraith Bone Hammer 55pp // Charred Guardian Shield 200pp // Jagged Band 30pp'
[9 hours ago] Mugin auctions, 'wts Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces 400ppBlood Ember Bracer300ppJaundiced Bone Bracer12k'
[9 hours ago] Mugin auctions, 'wts Tolan's Darkwood Vambraces 400ppBlood Ember Bracer300ppJaundiced Bone Bracer11.5k'
[9 hours ago] Shelks auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100pp // 10 Dose Ethira's Poison Antidote 150pp // 10 Dose Serpent's Conviction 10pp PST'
[9 hours ago] Okie auctions, 'WTS Heavy Dragonwing Mantle 4k || Reinforced Dragonwing Mantle 1.5k || Worked Dragonleg Breeches 1.8k || Peerless Dragonleg Breeches 7k || Barbed Dragonscale Boots 1.4k || Singing Steel Bracer 1.4k || '
[9 hours ago] Zaynin auctions, 'WTB sheer nbone msak'
[9 hours ago] Peawee auctions, 'WTB Spell: Insidious Decay'
[9 hours ago] Shelks auctions, 'WTS Sapphire 100pp // Star Ruby 100pp // Spell: Theft of Thought ENC 50pp PST'
[9 hours ago] Chask auctions, 'WTS Eyepatch of the Shadows 10k, 10 Dose Ant's Potion shrink pots 240p, full visible set of Paineel Steel Greaves 7pieces of rare fashionquest (gunmetal anthracite) 7k PST'
[9 hours ago] Ranbo auctions, 'WTS Runed Bolster Belt 34k'
[9 hours ago] Muliezz auctions, 'WTS Runed Circlet 75p Spider Fang Choker 30p Spell: Reckoning / Spell: Pillar of Frost 50p each PST'
[9 hours ago] Brittkat auctions, 'WTS Tranquil Staff - Lute of the Howler - Black Marble '
[9 hours ago] Muliezz auctions, 'WTS Crushed Coral 100p each Crushed Flame Opal 75p Adamantite Bo Stick 50p PST'
[9 hours ago] Maxegrowth auctions, 'WTB Donal's armor pieces'
[9 hours ago] Treehugr auctions, 'WTS Light Burlap Sack 400p PST'
[9 hours ago] Thirona auctions, 'WTS Withered Leather Tunic 4k - Imbued Shield of Paineel (EB) 1k - Tome of Miragul 400'
[9 hours ago] Audiacrity auctions, 'Selling Phase Spider Carapace, Spider Fur Belt, Breath of Harmony, Lambent Greaves, Crystalline Short Sword, Lambent Helm PM OFfers'
[9 hours ago] Monzene auctions, 'MAX Jewelcrafter - lvl 250 - MAX 255 INT - Black Sapphire / Diamonds / Fire Opals / Blue Diamonds / Jacinth in stock - any jewelry piece you want! Best deal with Monzene ^_^'
[9 hours ago] Nzoth auctions, 'WTS Low Quality Wolf Skin, Medium Quality Bear Skin, Bone Chips ( 3 stacks)'
[9 hours ago] Mugin auctions, 'wts Nathsar Greatsword 100ppTolan's Darkwood Vambraces 400ppBlood Ember Bracer300ppJaundiced Bone Bracer11.5k'
[9 hours ago] Tarune auctions, 'WTS Book of the Rings 250 pp'
[9 hours ago] Zaynin auctions, 'WTB sheer boen mask!'
[9 hours ago] Zaynin auctions, 'WTB Sheer bone mask'
[9 hours ago] Wrygard auctions, 'WTS Platinum Tiara 1.8k | Skull-shaped Barbute 400 | Sword of Skyfire 100 | Sarnak Battle Shield 3k | Heavy Dragonwing Mantle 4k'
[9 hours ago] Koelan auctions, 'WTS Withered Leather Skullcap 200 Giant Scalemail Sleeves 200 Sharkbone Warhammer 75 OBO PST'
[9 hours ago] Simona auctions, 'WTS Cloak of Flames 60k'
[9 hours ago] Sivoc auctions, 'WTS Hero Bracers 150p'
[9 hours ago] Bebin auctions, 'WTS - Noctivagant Blade -Lodizal Shell Boots - Sorcerous Bowl - Anti-Poison Amulet - Exquisite Velium War Lance - Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide x3'
[9 hours ago] Valene auctions, 'WTS Fleeting Quiver 1.4k | Blue Diamond 600p'
[9 hours ago] Nmog auctions, 'WTS Bracelet of Woven Grass 150p / Iksar Scaled Gloves 50p / A Crude Stein 50p'
[9 hours ago] Haughty auctions, 'WTB Rune of the Astral'
[9 hours ago] Treehugr auctions, 'WTS Phase Spider Carapace / Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate / Silver Chitin Wristband / Reinforced Dragonspine Vambraces / Crown of the Froglok Kings / Abalone Gorget PST'
[9 hours ago] Luxemburg auctions, 'WTT Unadorned Leather Cap for Unadorned Plate Gauntlets'
[9 hours ago] Norrahh auctions, 'WTS Spider Silkstacks x 6'
[9 hours ago] Jacais auctions, 'WTS Bone Chips x 134 --- Silk Swatch x 76 --- WTB 2 Wu's Trance Sticks.'
[9 hours ago] Sprayn auctions, 'WTB Sell: Haunting Corpse '
[9 hours ago] Vashasi auctions, 'WTS Fleeting Quiver 1.5k Black Pantherskin Leggings 900 Black Pantherskin Sleeves 750 Black Pantherskin Shoulderpads 700 Black Pantherskin Gloves 700 Black Pantherskin Cloak 700 pst'
[9 hours ago] Nmog auctions, 'WTS Ice Crystal Staff 100p / Glaive of Marltek150p / Shattered Crusader Khukri 250p'
[9 hours ago] Wrygard auctions, 'WTS Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak 1k | Club of the Ice Ocean 1.2k | Granite Bracer 500 | Hero Bracers 200'
[9 hours ago] Vashasi auctions, 'WTS Arctic Wyvern Wristbands 750 Black Pantherskin Belt 650 Arctic Wyvern Gorget 550 Arctic Wyvern Belt 550 Mucilaginous Girdle 550 Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring 1.9k'
[9 hours ago] Lorash auctions, 'WTB Ice Burrower Silks / Ice Silk Swatches / Haze Panther Skins / Folded Velium Warsword'
[9 hours ago] Lorash auctions, 'WTS Wrapped Entropy Serpent Spine 4.5k / Black Sapphire Velium Necklace 1k / Astral Leggings of the Titans 1.8k / Braided Cinch Cord 350'
[9 hours ago] Naussicaa auctions, 'WTB on the cheap : Elders spirit chestplate : coldain skin gloves : Elders spirit legs : Dark Ember : Sarnak Battle shield : Amulet of Insight : Crystal Chitin chestguard : '
[9 hours ago] Hickly auctions, 'WTS Chipped Bone Bracelet 160, Shralok Pack 100'
[9 hours ago] Quanish auctions, 'WTS Sapphire Platinum Necklace'
[9 hours ago] Vashasi auctions, 'WTS Fleeting Quiver 1.5k Black Pantherskin Leggings 900 Black Pantherskin Sleeves 750 Black Pantherskin Shoulderpads 700 Black Pantherskin Cloak 700 Black Pantherskin Gloves 700 pst'
[9 hours ago] Nmog auctions, 'WTS Engraved Skull Amulet 50p / Sheer Bone Mask 50p / Platinum Ring (paw quest) 50p'
[9 hours ago] Tudar auctions, 'WTB Spell Egress, Circle of Summer/Winter, Form of the Howler, Spirit of Scale'
[9 hours ago] Quanish auctions, 'WTS Golden Amber Earring | Golden Star Amulet | Golden Cat Eye Bracelet | Jasper Gold Earring | Golden Jaded Bracelet | Cat Eye Platinum Necklace | Platinum Jasper Ring '
[9 hours ago] Minelr auctions, 'WTS Crushed Flame Emerald 650 each, Arctic Wyvern Mask 150, Spell: Celestial Healing 350'
[9 hours ago] Minelr auctions, 'WTB Stalking Probes 50p'
[9 hours ago] Briscoe auctions, 'WTS Essence Emeralds, Crystal Spider Eyes, Idol of the Thorned'
[9 hours ago] Quanish auctions, 'WTS Spell: Immobilize | Spell: Mind Wipe | Spell: Disempower | Spell: Berserker Strength | Spell: Feedback'
[15 hours ago] Retllon auctions, 'WTS A Black Throne 4.5k'
[15 hours ago] Zatara auctions, 'WTB Soulfire MQ'
[15 hours ago] Nexiibank auctions, 'WTS Pristine Emerald 300, Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring 1800, Sharpened Velium Spear 1200, Flawless Diamond 3500, Orb of the Infinite Void 25k'
[15 hours ago] Muntauk auctions, ' BUYING Shaman spells: shroud of spirits, talisman of shadoo, cripple, insidious decay pst'
[15 hours ago] Drenlin auctions, 'WTS Crystalline Silk Belt , Ceremonial Wedding Sword , Kromzek Surveyor Scope'
[15 hours ago] Kenex auctions, 'WTS The Skull of Torture 100p'
[15 hours ago] Bakpage auctions, 'WTS Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse (Unlimited charges @ level 1!!!) BiS clerics!100k - Hand of the Reaper 9k -- Spell: Celestial Healing500pp'
[15 hours ago] Mulacciu auctions, 'WTS Black Pantherskin Wristbands 300 Elder Spiritist's Bracer'
[15 hours ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Velium Jacinth Wedding Ringx2-Golden Star Ruby Ringx2-Electrum Star Ruby Ringx2-Velium Ruby Veil-Platinum Ruby Veil-Platinum Star Ruby Veil-Velium Star Ruby Veil'
[15 hours ago] Hiqioaoa auctions, 'WTB Wu's Quivering Staff'
[15 hours ago] Valdrikk auctions, 'WTB ..Withered Leather Arms and Bracer .. WTB .. pst'
[15 hours ago] Utobithe auctions, 'WTS | 4 HQ Bear Pelts, 30P Each| WTB | Green Jade Broadsword'
[15 hours ago] Jamalles auctions, 'WTS Ivory Imbued Collar 100p OBO, Stalagterror Spine Spear 75p OBO, Wintry Club 25p, Gnome Skin Sleeves 30p'
[15 hours ago] Feybank auctions, 'WTS Shield of the Green Dragon | Jaundiced Bone Bracer 13k | Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 1k | Netted Kelp Choker 200p | Netted Kelp Veil 200p | Plane of Sky items pst needs |'
[15 hours ago] Amica auctions, 'WTS Kromzek Surveyor Scope 200pp \\ Cloak of Shadows 500pp \\ Golden Chitin Bracer 250pp \\ Barbed Velium Spear 4.5k \\ Yew Leaf 50pp \\ Executioners Hood 250pp '
[15 hours ago] Ralidarb auctions, 'Selling Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt, Spined Seahorse Hide Breastplate, Ancient Seahorse Hide Cloak'
[15 hours ago] Feybank auctions, 'WTS Crushed Flame Opal x 2 | Frost Giant Toes x 4 | Griffenne Blood x 2 '
[15 hours ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Imbued Platinum Fire Ringx2-Platinum Fire Wedding Ringx2-Rose Platinum Engagement Ringx2-Platinum Jasper Ringx2-Golden Jaded Braceletx2-Golden Cat Eye Braceletx2'
[15 hours ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Velium Bloodstone Earringx2-Jasper Gold Earringx2-Golden Sapphire Earringx2-Golden Amber Earringx2'
[15 hours ago] Edwrd auctions, 'wts Sporali Gloves 500p, Yew Leaf 50p, Black Alloy Medallion 100p, Werewolf-hide Jerkin 20p, Giang Yin's Claws 80p.'
[15 hours ago] Edwrd auctions, 'wts Lieutenant's Helm 200p, Goblin Skull Crusher 100p, Serrated Bone Dirk 100p, Polished Stone Anklet 50p.'
[15 hours ago] Drakorius auctions, 'WTS low and medium quality skins 2p per, 19 in stock'