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[6 hours ago] Avvolf auctions, 'WTS Jaundiced Bone Bracer tells to c h a r n p'
[6 hours ago] Vikulya auctions, 'wts Golden Bracer'
[6 hours ago] Slowtimes auctions, 'WTB Handmade backpacks, Giant Warrior Helms'
[6 hours ago] Vikulya auctions, 'WTB <Gatorscale Leggings><Black Pantherskin Skullcap>'
[6 hours ago] Sylfi auctions, 'WTS Wisdom gear Jasper Gold Earring 30p, Platinum Jasper Ring 160p, Velium Jasper Ring 360p, Platinum Ruby Veil 325p'
[6 hours ago] Sylfi auctions, 'WTS Resist gear Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet 1.6k, Blue Diamond Electrum Earring 900p, Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring 450p, Velium Diamond Wedding Ring 700p, Golden Diamond Mask 400p'
[6 hours ago] Vikulya auctions, 'WTS Flayed Skin Tunic/Flayed Skin Boots/Flayed Skin Sleeves/Flayed Skin Leggings/Sebilite Scale Cap/Ancient Seahorse Hide Cloak/Tree Weave/'
[6 hours ago] Femur auctions, 'WTS Purple Headband // Targishin's Bone Mask // White Wolf-hide Cloak // Carved Ivory Mask // Azure Sleeves // Symbol of Loyalty to Vox // Silvery Two Handed Axe // pst'
[6 hours ago] Murderz auctions, 'WTS Black Bear Pelt Cloak 4k Eroded Leather Bracelet MQ 7k'
[6 hours ago] Prevail auctions, 'WTB Zlandicars Heart'
[6 hours ago] Larker auctions, 'WTS Sebilite Scale Mantle 150 / Crystalline Short Sword 550p Black Ice Leggings 350p / Crystalline Spider Fang200p / Black Ice Sleeves 350p'
[6 hours ago] Prevail auctions, 'WTS A Shamanistic Shenannigan Doll / Fungus Covered Scale Tunic / Black Sapphire Electrum Earring / Orb of the Infinite Void / Black Marble(s) / Pristine Emerald(s)'
[6 hours ago] Endorra auctions, 'WTS Molten Cloak // Spell: Translocate // Netted Kelp Tunic // Embroidered Black Cape // Opalline Earring // Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger PST'
[6 hours ago] Rohk auctions, 'WTS Spell: Insipid Weakness - 25pp, Spell: Enstill - 15pp, Spell: Radiant Visage - 75pp, Spell: Mana Sieve - 50pp, Spell: Nullify Magic - 25pp, Spell: Disempower - 20pp. PST.'
[6 hours ago] Sylfi auctions, 'WTS Hp/Ac gear Golden Fire Wedding Ring 110p, Platinum Fire Wedding Ring 230p, Velium Fire Wedding Ring 425p, Black Sapphire Electrum Earring 650p, Black Sapphire Velium Necklace 1k'
[6 hours ago] Chomskyhonk auctions, 'WTB imbued fighter staff'
[6 hours ago] Valorien auctions, 'WTB Spell : Mask of the Hunter'
[6 hours ago] Freesky auctions, 'WTS Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara - Kobold Bone Gauntlets - Black Sapphire Electrum Earring - Chetari Wardstaff - Mrylokar's Boots'
[6 hours ago] Freesky auctions, 'WTS Spider Fur-Lined Boots - Polished Bone Bracelet - Shardwurm Eye - Mask of Wurms'
[6 hours ago] Nampus auctions, 'WTS Glimmering Mithril Torque 75pp Ornate Rune Shield 1K Dragon Tooth Choker 2K'
[6 hours ago] Drunklen auctions, 'wts Peacebringer 4k'
[6 hours ago] Rohk auctions, '**** Come one, come all, enchanters. Research spells available!!! ****'
[6 hours ago] Dreadite auctions, 'WTS Lamentation PST'
[6 hours ago] Maree auctions, 'WTB Jade Mace PST'
[6 hours ago] Trapani auctions, 'WTS Blade of the Green Dragon Eye pst ,5kobo'
[6 hours ago] Freesky auctions, 'WTS Rod of Mourning - Orb of the Infinite Void - Shield of the White Dragon - Selo`s Drums of the March - Staff of the Dreaded Gaze - Sphinx Heart Amulet - Garou Bone Club'
[6 hours ago] Larker auctions, 'WTS Sebilite Scale Mantle 150 / Crystalline Short Sword 550p Black Ice Leggings 350p / Crystalline Spider Fang200p / Black Ice Sleeves 350p / Crystal Chitin Gauntlets 650'
[6 hours ago] Trapani auctions, 'WTS Blade of the Green Dragon Eye pst'
[6 hours ago] Euedyen auctions, 'WTS Spell: Demi Lich 3k Withered Leather Cloak 700 Green Jade Halberd 500 Black Sapphire 500 pst'
[6 hours ago] Fably auctions, 'WTB Spell: Zumaiks Animation'
[6 hours ago] Valorien auctions, 'WTS full Crusty or separate Crustacean Shell BreastplateCrustacean Shell VambracesCrustacean Shell Bracers etc.. WTS Othmir FurBlue Diamond'
[6 hours ago] Gariana auctions, 'WTS Arctic Wyvern Mask/ Golden Efreeti Boots/ Mask of Wurms/ Ravener Tail Whip/ Cobalt Vambraces/ Scorpikis Claw Impaler/ Black Ice Boots'
[6 hours ago] Dhanked auctions, 'wts Crystal Chitin Leggings 3k..Black Pantherskin Tunic 1k..McMerin's Feast 1k'
[6 hours ago] Sushininja auctions, 'wtb clr epic mq's rage and scroll'
[6 hours ago] Femur auctions, 'WTS Purple Headband // Targishin's Bone Mask // White Wolf-hide Cloak // Carved Ivory Mask // Azure Sleeves // Symbol of Loyalty to Vox // Silvery Two Handed Axe'
[6 hours ago] Hundreds auctions, 'WTS Runebranded Girdle and Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate send offers!'
[6 hours ago] Rohk auctions, 'WTS Spell: Berserker Strength - 35pp, Spell: Color Shift - 35pp, Black Headband - 350pp, High Quality Bear Skin - 30pp. PST'
[6 hours ago] Dauntlless auctions, 'WTS Blood Ember Breastplate 25k - Siblisian Berserker Cloak 40k - Fungus Covered Scale Tunic 46k - Runebranded Girdle 28k - Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt 55k listening to offers/trades pst'
[6 hours ago] Okdeals auctions, 'WTS Fungus Covered Scale Tunic / Eye of Narandi / Immaculate Shell Horn / Spell: Talisman of the Cat / Spell: Naltron's Mark / Spell: Succor'
[6 hours ago] Erice auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Blood of the Wolfx3 100p each'
[6 hours ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTS Spell: Torpor \\ Cloak of Flames \\ Spider Fur Belt \\ McMerin's Feast (Canni 2 Spell)'
[6 hours ago] Amaru auctions, 'WTS - Fungus Covered Scale Tunic'
[6 hours ago] Tabbun auctions, 'WTB Springwood Club, pst'
[7 hours ago] Happyrecharge auctions, 'wtb wc cap- ;arrikan mask - mallet'
[7 hours ago] Scrying auctions, 'WTB Handmade backpack'
[7 hours ago] Humms auctions, 'WTS Large Soiled Bag 800 p'
[7 hours ago] Grye auctions, 'WTS Spell: Lich250ppSpell: Bond of Death350ppSpell: Call of Bones150ppSpell: Invoke Shadow150ppSpell: Haunting Corpse125ppSpell: Intensify Death75ppSpell: Harmshield40pp'
[7 hours ago] Grye auctions, 'WTS Spell: Insipid Weakness30ppSpell: Pillage Enchantment50ppSpell: Color Skew75ppIce Weave1kSpell: Heroic Bond50ppSpell: Thunderbold50ppChipped Onyx Sapphire100pp'
[7 hours ago] Sushininja auctions, 'wts Thick Banded Belt-Silver Chitin Hand Wraps-Earring of Essence-Black Sapphire Electrum Earring'
[7 hours ago] Grye auctions, 'WTS Spell: Manasink100ppSpell: Eye of Tallon300ppIvory Imbued Collar125ppCrushed Coral100ppFinely Crafted Velium Ring125ppSpell: Bristlebane`s Bundle50ppSpell: Translocate100'
[7 hours ago] Yeeet auctions, 'WTS Fingerbone Hoop 11k , Adamantite Club 3.5k PST'
[7 hours ago] Tuddy auctions, 'WTS White Wolf-hide Girdle 9k, thurg leather bracer 8k, Unadorned Leather Gloves 3k, Spider Fur Belt 3k'
[7 hours ago] Kerrath auctions, 'WTB Robe of the Oracle or other low level wizard gear, PST'
[7 hours ago] Ahes auctions, 'WTS Noctivagant Blade 1500pp - Tome of Miragul 350pp - Jarsath Trident 100pp - Blackened Alloy Coif 150pp -'
[7 hours ago] Rakss auctions, 'WTS Crustacean Shell Helm 150 - Crustacean Shell Gauntlets 100 - Crustacean Shell Bracers 200 - Cobalt Boots 400 - Noctivagant Blade 1.8k - Atramentous Shield 2.5k'
[7 hours ago] Darkmeatt auctions, 'WTB lvl 44 mage pets'
[7 hours ago] Undesired auctions, 'WTS Spell: Enslave Death|Song: Melody of Ervaj|Spell: Heroic Bond PST'
[7 hours ago] Undesired auctions, 'WTS Journeyman's Walking Stick|Imbued Northman Ring Cloak|Pristine Emerald|Shardtooth's Flayed Skin|Flawed Flame Emerald|Silver Etched Warhammer|Forged Velium Spear PST'
[7 hours ago] Euedyen auctions, 'WTB cleric spell word of restoration pst'
[7 hours ago] Dhanked auctions, 'wts McMerin's Feast 1k'
[7 hours ago] Scrying auctions, 'WTB bulk bone chips'
[7 hours ago] Undesired auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Cap|Carved Dragonbone Spear|Runed Bone Fork|Light Velium Spear|Crystal Webshield PST'
[7 hours ago] Frienda auctions, 'WTS Ice Silk Pantaloons, Silvery Belt of Contention, Necklace of Superiority, Runebranded Girdle, Spell: Bane of Nife'
[7 hours ago] Nybras auctions, 'WTB Stave of Shielding PST'
[7 hours ago] Gariana auctions, 'WTS Scorpikis Claw Impaler/ Golden Efreeti Boots/ Mask of Wurms/ Rod of Oblations/ Ravener Tail Whip/ Elemental Binder/ Cobalt Vambraces/ '
[7 hours ago] Hopp auctions, 'WTS Runed Cowl 500p, Charred Guardian Shield 200p, Embroidered Black Cape 200p'
[7 hours ago] Gariana auctions, 'WTS Arctic Wyvern Mask'
[7 hours ago] Frienda auctions, 'WTS Spell: Enforced Reverence, Spell: Heroic Bond, Spell: Elemental Maelstrom, 2 x Golden Sapphire Earring, 2 x Obsidian Bead Hoop, Silken Cat-fur Girdle'
[7 hours ago] Frienda auctions, 'WTS Coldain Skin Gloves, Coldain Skin Boots, Fellspine's Tail, Cloak of the Maelstrom, Amulet of Insight, Golden Jaded Bracelet, Totemic Helm'
[7 hours ago] Vaultkeeper auctions, 'WTS Drolvarg Mantle 50p - Bracelet of Woven Grass 100p - Singing Steel Boots 450p'
[7 hours ago] Nampus auctions, 'WTS Glimmering Mithril Torque 100pp Dragon Tooth Choker 2K Ornate Rune Shield 1.2K'
[7 hours ago] Waterlily auctions, 'Ulthork Hide Collar 149, Sentient Greaves 129, 1x Yew Leaf 49p, 7x Drake Egg 49 each, Pit Fighter Handwraps 9, stack of Cockatrice Eggs 9'
[7 hours ago] Waterlily auctions, 'Spell: Death Peace 99, Spell: Heroic Bond 99, Spell: Torrent of Poison 199, Spell: Shroud of the Spirits 199, Spell: Insidious Decay 199'
[7 hours ago] Neuw auctions, 'WTS/T ~ Spell: Bane of Nife'
[7 hours ago] Kickah auctions, 'WTB Crushed Black Marble x1'
[7 hours ago] Skreaming auctions, 'WTS Cobalt Vambraces, Cobalt Boots'
[7 hours ago] Sloom auctions, 'WTS Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets - 500p, Silver-Plated Bracer - 20p, Light Burlap Sack - 400p'
[7 hours ago] Exchanges auctions, 'wts Earring of Essence 2300, Narandi's Lance 39K'
[7 hours ago] Osius auctions, 'WTS Purple headband 2k'
[7 hours ago] Hakov auctions, 'WTB Cobalt Gtreaves'
[7 hours ago] Osius auctions, 'WTS Teir`Dal Adamantite Breastplate Full Set'
[7 hours ago] Komi auctions, 'wts Jagged Blade of Mourning/Spell: Winds of Gelid/Obulus Death Shroud/Spell: Protection of the Glades/Song: Composition of Ervaj'
[7 hours ago] Dubsy auctions, 'WTS Spell: Translocate: Group'
[7 hours ago] Exchanges auctions, 'wts Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind'
[7 hours ago] Exchanges auctions, 'wts Spell: Boon of Immolation, Spell: Abscond, Spell: Scintillation, Spell: Vocarate: Water, Spell: Heroic Bond, Spell: Call of Karana, Spell: Word of Vigor, '
[7 hours ago] Nybras auctions, 'WTB Stave of Shielding / Knuckle Duster PST!'
[7 hours ago] Svitlana auctions, 'WTS Totemic Helm'
[7 hours ago] Tabbun auctions, 'WTB lowbie druid weapon, pst'
[7 hours ago] Cptdiabetes auctions, 'WTS Vial of Vampire Blood | Harpoon of the Depths | Runed Bone Fork | Bone Chips stacks | Burynai Hide Cloak - PST'
[7 hours ago] Kickah auctions, 'WTBcrushed backmarble x1'
[7 hours ago] Happyflop auctions, 'wtb leatherfoot cap - ;arrikan mask - midnight mallet'
[7 hours ago] Populus auctions, 'Messenger of the Queen 100pp, Engraved Bone Pauldrons 100pp, Crystal Grinder 25pp, Jade Reaver 2.1k pp, Cone of the Mystics 300pp, Giant Scalemail Bracer 40pp'
[7 hours ago] Tweelis auctions, 'WTS Crushed Lava Ruby 150pp.....Tar goo strands 50pp each, two for 90pp.'
[7 hours ago] Edric auctions, 'WTB Darkstone Emerald from PoA'
[7 hours ago] Equable auctions, 'wtb cheap 2h for low lvl paladin'