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[27 seconds ago] Sancalhob auctions, 'WTS POM COTHS. COTHS to the Plane of Mischief. 51+ only Sunday bus is running. <<< POM COTH >>>'
[27 seconds ago] Sancalhob auctions, 'WTS POM COTHS. COTHS to the Plane of Mischief. 51 only Sunday bus is running. <<< POM COTH >>>'
[27 seconds ago] Phathom auctions, 'WTS Unadorned Leather Gloves - Corroded Plate Gauntlets - Corroded Chain Boots - Eroded Leather Boots - Corroded Plate Bracer PST'
[27 seconds ago] Vladamin auctions, 'WTS Ivy Etched Gauntlets - Goblin Soul Caller - Obulus Death Shroud - Ring of Frost'
[27 seconds ago] Zalesman auctions, 'WTS Master Wu's Trance Stick / Crystalline Spider Fang / Ashenwood Short Spear / Dragoon Dirk'
[27 seconds ago] Herv auctions, 'WTB Handmade Backpacks'
[27 seconds ago] Kataii auctions, 'WTB (Pre-Nerf) Circlet of Shadow PST'
[27 seconds ago] Burstin auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Cap 350p, Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes 350p, Poison Etched Wristband 100p, Imbued Granite Spauldors 2k PST'
[27 seconds ago] Tophh auctions, 'WTS Sebilite Croaking Dirk 5.5k - Light Velium Bow 1.5k -Worked Dragonspine Vambraces 800p - Haze Panther Tunic 3.5k - Haze Panther Skullcap 3.5k - Haze Panther Wristbands 3k PST'
[27 seconds ago] Dalendar auctions, 'WTS:: Frozen Orb 500pp | Orc Fang Earring 200pp PST>'
[27 seconds ago] Sancalhob auctions, 'WTS Rod of Insidious Glamour'
[27 seconds ago] Sempriini auctions, 'WTS Exquisite Velium Reinforced Bow 10k | WTBUY Spiroc Thunder Totem PST'
[27 seconds ago] Soulcommander auctions, 'WTB Fire Giant Toes, Hill Giant Toes, Cyclops Toes, Gargole Toes and Fire Drake Scale'
[27 seconds ago] Helbrecht auctions, 'WTS Truncheon of Doom // Noctivagant Blade // Crystalline Short Sword PST'
[27 seconds ago] Bromandude auctions, 'WTS Gatorscale Leggings 500p | Nightshade Wreath | Coldstone Wreath 500p | Iksar Scaled Gloves PST with offer!'
[27 seconds ago] Sinow auctions, 'WTB Coldain heads, SK SPell: Life Leech'
[27 seconds ago] Phathom auctions, 'WTB Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate PST'
[27 seconds ago] Blayne auctions, 'WTS <Hand Made Backpack 60p each> <Forged Javelin 50p/stack> <Heady Kiola 20p/stack>'
[27 seconds ago] Colleas auctions, 'WTS Lute of the Howler 13k ! ***** WTB Zlandicar's Heart WTB ****'
[27 seconds ago] Thirona auctions, 'WTB cheap druid +wis/mana gear, around 100pp per piece or less. Looking for legs, gloves, bracers, boots, and sleeves. pst!'
[27 seconds ago] Choobsta auctions, 'WTS -- Blood Ember Breastplate --- WTS'
[27 seconds ago] Tiggler auctions, 'WTS Crushed Flame Emerald x2, Fire Emerald x3, Crushed Lava Ruby x3, Crushed Flame Opal x3, Crushed Jaundice Gem x3, Chipped Onyx Sapphire x3, Star Ruby x3'
[27 seconds ago] Finelar auctions, 'WTS A Broom'
[27 seconds ago] Tiggler auctions, 'WTS Knotted Turtlebone Ring 5k'
[27 seconds ago] Zulren auctions, 'WTS Runebranded Girdle, Spell: Voice of the Berserker'
[27 seconds ago] Early auctions, 'Silver Chitin Hand Wraps1700, Molten Cloak400, Loam Encrusted Lined Shoes400, Charred Guardian Breastplate250, Elemental Binder150, Travelers Pack150'
[27 seconds ago] Lorezak auctions, 'WTS (2) Burynai Hide Bracelets, (3)Burynai Hide Choker 10p each'
[27 seconds ago] Herv auctions, 'WTS Sarnak Battleshield'
[27 seconds ago] Laureth auctions, 'BUYING // Foremans tunic // Gem inlaid Gaunts // Wu's Feet // Lockjaw Hide Vest // '
[27 seconds ago] Sinow auctions, 'WTB COldain Heads'
[27 seconds ago] Xanleer auctions, 'WTS Chipped Onyx Sapphire x3'
[27 seconds ago] Compendium auctions, 'WTS FULL *** CLERIC EPIC *** MQ - 50k'
[27 seconds ago] Herv auctions, 'WTB Crushed Jaundice Gem x3'
[27 seconds ago] Compendium auctions, 'WTS // Staff of the Dreaded Gaze 14k // Skyfury Scimitar 6k // Weighted Velium Battle Axe 3k // Double Recurved Velium Bow 3k // Hierophant`s Crook 1.5k // Will trade for Eyepatch of Shadows.'
[27 seconds ago] Gonodill auctions, 'SELLING ----<<<<{{{ - - - Sarnak Battle Shield - - - }}}>>>>----'
[27 seconds ago] Dhanked auctions, 'wtb runebranded girdle payin 20k'
[27 seconds ago] Kitrinos auctions, 'WTS Netted Kelp Gloves 1k, Black Pantherskin Skullcap 500pp'
[27 seconds ago] Soulcommander auctions, 'WTB a Shovel, a Broom and A Stein (of water)'
[27 seconds ago] Thirona auctions, 'WTB cheap druid wis/mana gear, around 100pp per piece or less. Looking for legs, gloves, bracers, boots, and sleeves. pst!'
[27 seconds ago] Choobsta auctions, 'WTS II Fungus Covered Scale Tunic II Blood Ember Breastplate II Velium Diamond Wedding Ring II Blood Point II Ivandyr's Hoop II Slowstone Amber II Wooly Spider Silk Net x 6 I WTS'
[27 seconds ago] Soulcommander auctions, 'WTB Griffin Feather, A gargole eye,a Mermaid Scale'
[27 seconds ago] Braxe auctions, 'WTS Obsidian Bead Hoop'
[27 seconds ago] Choobsta auctions, 'WTS -- Fungus Covered Scale Tunic --- WTS'
[27 seconds ago] Zalesman auctions, 'WTS Spell: Pox of Bertoxxulous / Spell: Naltron's Mark / Visions of Sebilite / Spell: Translocate: Group / Spell: Blizzard / Spell: Vocarate: Water'
[27 seconds ago] Zalesman auctions, 'WTS Drop of Mercuryx2 / Crushed Lava Ruby / Nephrite'
[27 seconds ago] Kickingitt auctions, 'WTB Black Pantherskin Armor!!'
[27 seconds ago] Lorezak auctions, 'WTS Sarnak Emblazened Tabard 50p, Hand Woven Leggings 10p'
[27 seconds ago] Thoast auctions, 'WTB chips and sow pots'
[27 seconds ago] Patricius auctions, 'wtb spell: talisman of the Brute, Bane of Nife'
[27 seconds ago] Popn auctions, 'WTB Phase Spider Carapace 2k PST'
[27 seconds ago] Lamlgon auctions, 'WTB bone chip bracer 175p'
[27 seconds ago] Billybo auctions, 'WTS .. Staff of the Earthcrafter 3k I Golden Efreeti Boots 1.5k .. pst'
[27 seconds ago] Branson auctions, 'WTS Syythrak Hide Vest 500p | Lambent Helm 300p | Snow Bunny Meat 100p'
[27 seconds ago] Ranbo auctions, 'WTS Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring 1.5k / Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate 10k / Skull-shaped Barbute 400p / Golden Chitin Bracer 200p / Spell: Call of Bones 150p / Spell: Invoke Shadow 150p'
[27 seconds ago] Mulleyy auctions, 'WTB crushed opals'
[27 seconds ago] Laeyen auctions, 'Band of Eternal Flame 2k'
[27 seconds ago] Medra auctions, 'WTS Midnight Mallet 650p | Ivandyr's Hoop 550p | Flawed Topaz 100p | Nephrite 100p'
[1 minutes ago] Ilyushin auctions, 'WTS Velium Crystal Staff 2x // Velium Star Ruby Veil //Fishbone Earring'
[1 minutes ago] Saildat auctions, 'WTS: Wu's Fighting Shirt, Wu's Fighting Pantaloons'
[2 minutes ago] Maynord auctions, 'WTB Ebon Mace'
[2 minutes ago] Weban auctions, 'WTB Kylong Greaves // Seb Scale Legs // Mitrhil Greaves'
[2 minutes ago] Svitlana auctions, 'WTS Loam Encrusted Amice 350'
[2 minutes ago] Accused auctions, 'WTS --- Black Sapphire // Blue Diamond --- WTS'
[2 minutes ago] Medra auctions, 'WTS Midnight Mallet | Ivandyr's Hoop | Flawed Topaz | Nephrite'
[2 minutes ago] Cressie auctions, 'WTS Netted Kelp Veil, Netted Kelp Cap, Kromzek Surveyor Scope, Spell: Tigir`s Insects, Steel Wristband of Strategy'
[2 minutes ago] Jigarich auctions, 'WTS Black Marble 2k | Runed Sea Shell (Cloud) 3k | Runed Sea Shell (EB) 2k | Molkor Hide 2k'
[2 minutes ago] Jigarich auctions, 'WTS Runebranded Girdle 24k | 10 Dose Potion of Stinging Wort 1.8k | Spider Fur Belt 2.5k | Arctic Wyvern Wristbands 800p | Golden Black Sapphire Earring 700p'
[2 minutes ago] Cressie auctions, 'WTB black sapphire PAYING 500PP'
[2 minutes ago] Mauzer auctions, 'WTB Enchanter Research-Only Spells: Mind Wipe, Allure | WTB Visible Set of Rallos-Imbued Ogre War Plate'
[2 minutes ago] Fealas auctions, 'WTB Crushed Opal x 2'
[2 minutes ago] Druce auctions, 'WTS Adamantite Club 3.5k'
[2 minutes ago] Hoeser auctions, 'WTB -=--=- Shaman garbage for a small amount of PLATINUM PIECES'
[2 minutes ago] Engages auctions, 'wts Lizard Blood Potion 450'
[2 minutes ago] Lamlgon auctions, 'WTS Shralok Pack 125pp'
[2 minutes ago] Laureth auctions, 'BUYING // Foremans tunic (offering 60pp) // '
[2 minutes ago] Octavion auctions, 'WTS: | Cloak of Flames 65k OBO | Exquisite Velium Battlehammer 34k OBO | Barbed Scale Whip 25k OBO | Cobalt Breastplate 25k OBO | Ringed Mace of the Ykesha 19k OBO | Box of Abu-Kar 18k OBO |'
[2 minutes ago] Octavion auctions, 'WTS: | A Sly Summoner Doll 14k OBO | Runed Sea Shell 2k OBO | Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 1.8k OBO | Iceflame 1.2k OBO |'
[2 minutes ago] Jugger auctions, 'WTS Shiny Brass Idol 600pp/Book of the Rings 250pp/Sarnak Warhammer 500pp/Totem of the Warrior Spirit 100pp'
[2 minutes ago] Mauzer auctions, 'WTS Advisor Robe | ShadowBound Gloves | ShadowBound Boots'
[2 minutes ago] Jugger auctions, 'WTB griffon feathers, and cyclops toes plz !'
[3 minutes ago] Patricius auctions, 'wts Siren Scale Robe, Dragon Horn Ykesha, Dragon Scales Glyton, Spell: Pillar of Lightning, Spell: Heroic Bond, Spell: Tears of Druzzil'
[3 minutes ago] Lootship auctions, 'WTS Lambent Greaves | Sword of Skyfire | Lambent Breastplate | Firerune Brand | Adamantite Bo Stick'
[3 minutes ago] Lootship auctions, 'WTS Giant Scalemail Mantle | Bloodstained Tunic | Deepwater Bracer | Donal's Vambraces of Mourning | Giant Scalemail Gloves | Sebilite Scale Cap'
[3 minutes ago] Scanners auctions, 'WTS Spell: Color Shift'
[3 minutes ago] Lamlgon auctions, 'WTB bone chip bracer'
[3 minutes ago] Lootship auctions, 'WTB Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water'
[3 minutes ago] Bluenami auctions, 'WTS 10 Dose Ant's Potion 250p, 10 Dose Blood of the Wolf 100p, Ancient Coin 50p (com) // wtb othmir prexus totem paying 16k pst'
[3 minutes ago] Cressie auctions, 'WTB black sapphire'
[3 minutes ago] Enosis auctions, 'WTB Orb of the Infinite Void - Platinum Tiara - Squallsurge Shawl -'
[3 minutes ago] Samcallen auctions, 'WTS Narandi's Lance 35k // Blood Runed Girdle 20k // Gem Encrusted Ring 5k // Staff of the Dreaded Gaze'
[3 minutes ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Velium Fire Wedding Ringx2-Velium Jasper Ringx2-Jaded Velium Ringx2-Rose Velium Engagement Ringx2-Velium Jacinth Wedding Ringx2'
[3 minutes ago] Heisenberger auctions, 'WTS Cane of Harmony 70pp Kunzar Ku'juch 50pp Strange Ochre Clay 50pp'
[3 minutes ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Rose Platinum Engagement Ringx2-Platinum Jasper Ringx2-Golden Jaded Braceletx2-Velium Ruby Veil-Platinum Star Ruby Veil-Velium Star Ruby Veil'
[3 minutes ago] Arleigh auctions, 'WTS Blue Diamond Electrum Earringx2-Black Sapphire Electrum Earringx2-Golden Black Sapphire Earringx2'
[3 minutes ago] Qrak auctions, 'WTS Velium Fire Wedding Ring - Platinum Fire Wedding Ring - Golden Cat Eye Bracelet - Rose Platinum Engagement Ring - Idol of Woven Grass'
[4 minutes ago] Dainja auctions, 'WTS Runed Mithril Bracer - Light Burlap Sack'
[4 minutes ago] Dainja auctions, 'WTB Sparkling Soul Necklace'
[4 minutes ago] Heisenberger auctions, '***** WTB Section of Lodzal's Shell or Lodizal Shell Shield, Giant Warrior Helmets paying 50pp each, Storm Giant Toes paying 10pp each As many as you have WTB *****'
[4 minutes ago] Cman auctions, 'WTS Crystalline Silk Net 20p each, Spider Fur-Lined Boots 40p'
[4 minutes ago] Thoast auctions, 'WTS A Shimmering Orb--Helm of Rile--Bracelet of Woven Grass--Mithril Amulet'