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Pseudo, an almost 3d roguelike

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Pseudo, an almost 3d roguelike

Recently I've been working on a new roguelike, titled Pseudo.

Similar to Ahungry Tactics, the game is free and open source under the AGPLv3.

You can find the source code here on Github.

Assuming it is running and my VPS hasn't crashed it (hey, its still alpha/early development) you can play a live demo on my site at:


What is the game being written in?

So far I've been working on this one in Common Lisp, with a much purer foundation when compared to tactics (Pseudo is nearly 100% Common Lisp - the javascript portions are written in Parenscript, a Common Lisp to javascript compiler).

Moving forward

While the core of the game is becoming stable and usable, I have some work to do regarding the animation - a lot of it right now is recycled images from tactics - I think I'll end up using a traditional 2d animation style for the game (a super rough sketch of what I'm planning can be seen below):

<img src="attachments/anim.gif">

Check out some screenies while you wait for the game!

<img src="attachments/pseudo-1.png"> <img src="attachments/pseudo-2.png"> <img src="attachments/pseudo-3.png"> <img src="attachments/pseudo-4.png">

Keep in touch

Let me know what you think! m @ ahungry dot com (put it together :p )

Or hit me up on on Twitter @AhungryDotCom

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